Pls Advise- HK AVR 230 vs.AVR 225 differences


Hello - I'm brand new to the world of receivers, and I could use some guidance. I want to buy a receiver that I can use 99% of the time to listen to CDs/Tapes. I want to be able to watch music DVD's and have the sound play through a decent system for the other 1% of the time. I may some time down the road decide to set up a home theater with 5 or so speakers, but for now I just want to watch DVD's through my normal TV. I want to get a decent receiver that will last me for future tv/theater upgrades. What's the difference b/w the HK AVR 230 + the AVR 225? Thanks in advance-Mike

Sounds like you currently have just 2 speakers. I would recommend the 230 because of its improved feature set. You get 6.1 processing, pre-outs in case you want to upgrade to a bigger amp down the road, more flexible bass management when you get your 5.1 system, component video switching if you want to connect your DVD player AND another device such as a cable box, video game system, etc to a better TV.

The 225 is a good unit and can be found at discount prices since it's discontinued but I think the 230 has a better upgrade path. They'll probably sound the same with just two speakers though.

What kind of speakers are you using and what's your budget?

You are correct - I only have 2 speakers now, but i do want to power 2 more in the future - but in my basement (not part of surround sound)
Can these receivers be used just to play CD's out of 2 speakers? (sorry-dumb if dumb ?)
I have junk speakers now - will upgrade in future.
Can I choose to have music DVD's play through the receiver 2 speakers, but then have DVD movies only play through the TV's speakers? I'm not really a home theater guy -

I am also looking at Onkyo TXSR501 / 601
They seem to get better reveiws than the cheap Sony STRDE595 or 695

They allow to switch A or B/A+B speakers.
Basically I want to spend $250 - $350 for a reciever to just play decent CD's music for now and possibly a surround sound set up in future - Tx for your help in advance- Mike

If you want a receiver with a A/B speaker switch the HK isn't the way to go. You may want to look at the Onkyo 600 or the Pioneer VSX-912 Both cost around $300 and might be perfect for your needs.

Don't look at the cheap Sony's, they're not very good. You can definitely play music or movies thru your receivers two speakers. You can also connect the DVD player to play directly thru the TV provided the TV has the proper connections. But why would you want to do that? Movies will sound much better thru the stereo than the TV.
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