NAD T752+T532 = future proof?


Markus C.
I´m on my way to invest in a NAD T752 receiver and to go with that a NAD T532 DVD/CD-player. My question is: Will this setup still please me, lets say, three years from now?

I mean, will the T752 keep up with the "Hi-Fi evolution"? Or will I have to count on buying a new receiver within a few years?

For example, will the T752 be able to use if/when I decide to buy a DVD-Audio/SACD-player in a couple of years?

As you might have figured out by know, I do not know alot about Hi-Fi and such... I´m just a dummy who wants to make sure that I buy good stuff that won´t disappoint me in a couple of years.


You will definately be able to use the T752 with a DVD-A/SACD player. It has a 7.1 Analog input to allow for this type of player. As far as being "future proof" have touched on a very heated topic on this forum. What is future proof? Who defines what is future proof? Who can possibly know what the future holds? These are all questions that have been debated on this forum many times. In reality, no receiver can truly be future proof. Someone is always coming out with some new gimick to try to get you bo buy their product. Yamaha even has a 9.1 receiver for sale now...who has room for SIX!! surround speakers? NAD was smart when they designed the 752 because they made it upgradable. It is true that the 752 is only a 5.1 receiver by itself. However, it decodes all of the latest digital modes, Pro Logic II, DD-EX and DTS-ES, etc. It also has pre-amp outputs that could make it a true 7.1 receiver. All you would have to do is buy a separate power amp for the two surround back channels. If you don't ever anticipate needing a 6.1 or 7.1 setup, the 752 will work fine on its own. Right now, about 90% of the DVD's out there are only encoded in 5.1 formats, so you won't get a "true" 6.1 or 7.1 sound no matter what receiver you have.


I think Johnny is right here. The 752 will provide years of enjoyment and as it has 5.1 inputs, so you can add a DVD-A/SACD player to your system without any concerns.

No one can be sure what new format the people at Dolby Labs are going to drop on us, but now there is so much software out there in DD and dts, it is unlikely that there will be any new earth-shaking "got to have" new formats. However, even if there is, you can get an outboard decoder and plug it into the 5.1 inputs on the 752, which is as much as anyone else has.

Markus, If you can hold out a while longer the newer T533 will have DVD-A capability, of course it'll be more expensive that the T532 as well.

Markus C.
Thank you! I really appreciate your answers. Now I am even more eager to buy the T752 receiver. But as Smitty pointed out, it might be an good idea to wait with the DVD-player purchase.

Thank you all, again!

NAD sold out to gimmicks with the T533. Don't fall for it. You'll still be able to play DVD-A's on a T532 player.
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