Thanks for all the advice everyone! I purchased a new VSX-43TX


After careful consideration, I decided that the Elite VSX-43TX was the best receiver for my needs and budget at this time.

- It has 7.1 (I wanted at least 6.1).
- It has solid build quality
- It cost under $515 new, including shipping
- The looks are better than the average receiver, in my book at least
- It has every surround mode I could want (including 7 channel stereo), and is THX Select certified
- It has Advanced Direct Energy MOSFET
- Component video switching
- It has Wide Band Frequency Response (5Hz-100kHz)
- It has a 192kHz/24-Bit DAC

Thanks again to all those who gave me valuable advice. I appreciate it!

I almost thought I should cancel my order and get the same receiver from instead, since I found them and noticed that their site states that they offer a "Full USA warranty" (2 years then?) on the VSX-43TX, whereas the place I ordered from offers a 6 mth warranty and was only $10 less.
shopsunshine also has a great rating at

HOWEVER, I did a search here on ecoustics and found the following thread, which makes me think I went with the right place after all...
If it works fine the first 6 months, odds are it will work for the subsequent 18 months.
In my experience products break down a month or so after the warranty expires, if they break down at all that is.

Any comments?

The following place (see link below) has it and also claims to have, in their own words:
"the Elite two-year warranty".

They only have 1 rating at though...

Maybe I should stick with, even though the warranty is shorter, since nobody here seems to have had any problems with them and they have good ratings and great ebay feedback too.

Well, I haven't heard back from anyone here, so I am probably going to keep my order with (still in pending status, so it can be cancelled) since they have an established track record.

I would have obviously preferred to get a longer warranty, but only from a reliable place...


Congrats. Let us know how it works out.

Thanks Jonmoon. Will do.

I am quite excited! I wanted a good balance of features and musicality, combined with a reasonable price. I think I got just that.

One day I'll have to buy a house so I can really appreciate both music and HT at higher volumes than I currently limit myself to, due to neighbors.
I don't even have my sub hooked up for that reason.
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