Which Receiver for PSB Image Speakers?


I am interested in upgrading my receiver. I currently have a Yamaha RX-V595a (3 or 4 years old). I am satisfied with the Yamaha for movies but I find music somewhat lacking.

I was thinking of the Denon 2803 or the Marantz 7300. I have read a couple of threads on this site and I am now intrigued with NAD.

Does anyone have advise?

Kevin R,

I would definately look into the NAD line of receivers. About a month ago, I purchased an NAD T762 and the Image 2b speakers for the mains, and the 9c for center (haven't been able to get the surrounds yet). It is a wonderful combination. The same parent company owns both NAD and PSB, so their receivers/speakers match up very well. I wrote two reviews and posted them on this forum...one for the receiver, and one for the speakers. I will post them below. This is a great time to buy NAD receivers because each model is being replaced and thus are being discounted considerably. Of the receivers you listed above, I would go for the Marantz over the Denon. The Denon is forward and dry sounding while the Marantz will have a much warmer sound.


I agree that NAD would be great with PSB. Denon receivers are very bright even with PSB and Marantz is to warm for PSB. NAD or Rotel would be best choices.

Kevin R

I have the PSB 5Ts and find them to be very detailed. However, my biggest complaint with the Yamaha, PSB combo is brightness.

Do you find the combination of NAD/PSB to be bright? I mainly listen to classic and hard rock but I'm not sure if that makes a difference.


I have the PSB Image 5Ts as well, and love them! I have a NAD T742 and I don't find them to be overly bright...warm sound, but very detailed, both in classical and Rock.


I second what Boots says. You are right about the Yamaha. It is a very bright sounding receiver. The NAD is NOT a bright receiver at all. I, like you, listen to a lot of classic rock, among other things, and it is not bright at all. It is extremely detailed, both in music and movies. Instruments that I have never heard before come alive in music tracks and with movies, you will hear every detail, just like the sound engineers intended it to be heard.

Kevin R
Thanks for your advice -Johnny, elitefan, and Boots.

Well I purchased the NAD T752. I was totally impressed with the sound for both music and home theater. The sound blew me away compared to my old Yamaha receiver. However, to me the combination of the NAD and my PSB 5T speakers was somewhat bright sounding at higher volumes.

I'm not sure if it was my room setup or something else but after 4 days I exchanged the NAD for the Marantz sr7300ose.

I find the Marantz to be easier on the ears at higher volumes but at low to mid volume the NAD wins hands down for detail.

It was tough parting with the NAD but I feel I made the right decision based on my listening habits.
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