What about Integra?


This is up for discussion, what do you guys think about integra products. My local dealer stocks this brand, and I have not heard any comments about it. Is it a good brand or is it something to stay clear of?

would klipsch be a good match for integra?

okay I know I discussed other brands on the board today, but I just wanted feedback on this brand. help.


i am also quite interested in the integra line (onkyo's high-end line). so far, i haven't been able to find too much on integra out there. the little i found has been somewhat of a mixed bad. that said, i plan on listening for myself.

am going to audition the 6.4 this weekend along with the NAD 762. i'll let you know what i think.

Thanks Skip please do, why is there no mentioning of this product line on this site. You here people talking about Onkyo, but not integra? Let me know and if anyone else out there has any feedback on Integra please share.

Paul T
I would think posters here will speak of Onkyo and Integra separately for they are as Sony and Sony ES or Pioneer and Elite are two different grades of high fi equipment. Integra, Elite and Sony's ES are their higher end stuff, I personally have looked into the Integra receivers are they are very nice but for how much they want for them there are a few others out there with better sound for less money, also I have read reviews stating they're power ratings are not all they say to be.. Just my 2 cents on the Intega's since no one seems to be replying to your post.. But don't get me wrong they are a very well built quality receiver but you definitely can get more bang for you buck from HK, Elite or NAD..

Johnny what are your thoughts on Integra, I really like the unit. But I want to know about quality, sound, performance...good-bad!?


Sorry, but I haven't been able to actually listen to an Integra. I don't know of any dealers in my area that carry this brand. The only things that I do know are things that I have read on this forum. The things I have heard seem to be the same as what Paul T stated...that the Integra's are nice receivers, but for the price, you can do better. I do know that Integra is the higher end brother of Onkyo, and, as Paul T said, Onkyo is known for not having nearly as much power as they are rated to have. For example, Hawk correct me if I am wrong, one Onkyo receiver was rated at 100 watts, but in lab tests, with all channels driven, was only able to muster 52 watts before it clipped. That is only half the power. I can not say for sure, but if Integra is anything like Onkyo, then I would be weary of any power rating you see.

Actually Johnny, Onkyo's power rating usually comes in under 50W per channel on a receiver Onkyo claims has 100-110W per channel --with all channels driven that is. Stereo performance is fine though. And the times when a receiver actually needs all channels driven full wattage is quite infrequent ~ usually you will find the surround channels draw very little power. Integra is not as big of a leap up from Onkyo as many would believe, certainly not the equivalent to the other examples listed in the above post by Paul T, although Onkyo does want that belief held.

That said. The Onkyo's/Integra's sound quite good. They perform admirably in all respects and are said to be very user friendly. Their achielles heel is that during movie passages where power is needing, be they loud surround passages or large explosions both brands dissemble. They choke and the sound suffers both in intelligebility and crosstalk between speakers. The types of movies you watch will dictate whether or not that flaw affects you in your home.

P.S. I would just get an Onkyo and save the extra money rather than buy an Integra. But that's my opinion.
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