My sound has disappeared...


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Hi All

I've got a problem with my stereo - I think with my amp - and was hoping somebody could suggest a fix...

I was using my amp (NAD C370) and speakers (Mission 751) to play music from an ipod at a party was pretty loud, and the amp overheated and cut out a couple of times, but did start working again after cooling down for 20 minutes. However after cutting out a third time the sound has only returned at very quiet levels, and is very tinny (apologies for the lack of propert terminology...).

I hooked the amp back up to my CD player today and still have the same problem...I'm assuming the problem is with the amp rather than the speakers because the sound is the same from both speakers (i.e. very poor) - any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

Thanks for your help!

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You could have 'opened' output transistors.
Each transistor is responsible for part of the power, so if you took out say......2 of 6 per channel, you'ld be down 1/3 or so.

Other damage is possible, but that's the first to occur to me.

I think you need a trip to a tech and tell your story.

JUST to be sure, do you have another amp with which to test the speakers?

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Thanks for replying. No, unfortunately I don't have a second amp to test the speakers, so a trip to a tech it is...will let you know what happens!

Thanks again

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"... after cutting out a third time ..."

You're kidding. Right? You kept pushing the amp even after it said stop and, now you're wondering what's wrong?

Amplifiers are not frequency dependent. When outputs are fried, they do not become "tinny". They stop working all together. Take your speakers and your amplifier in for repair. My guess would be, if you were to push lightly on the cones of the woofers, they wouldn't move at all.

Learn to understand the signals your system is trying to give you.

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