Blueroom Minipod/Cinepod 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System Review


Brian Mitchell
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They look like copies of the B&W bookshelf speakers, and the woofers in the satellites look like the B&W woven carbon fiber drivers you can buy in the speaker catalogs like Parts Express.

From the Blueroom Website


Blueroom was born in the engineering labs of B&W Loudspeakers by the same designers who created the renowned Nautilus tower speaker. In 1997, Blueroom became its own company under the control of B&W's former President, Robert Trunz. Mr. Trunz's vision for Blueroom is to make these superior designs available in an affordable format. To that end, Blueroom is dedicated to developing speakers that integrate form and function with a cyber-organic aesthetic; and this under the premise of a price which allows everyone to share in the best of latest technology and design.


I think I would have a hard time justifying spending almost $2000 on a 5.1 set of speakers that only includes a 75watt 10inch woofer. and even 250$ per speaker for the minipods seems like quite a bit of cash. I suppose it makes sense for the audiophile who is also ultra fashion conscious, but I'm pretty sure if one ignored form that there are much better deals to be had.

I've had 5 minipods for almost 3 years now. They were only $200 each when I bought them and I consider it money very well spent. I'm not going to bother with a cinepod as the minipod I've been using as a center has performed perfectly. The bass station is another matter entirely. I ended up going with a Apieron Audio S-8 for $400 instead and after some tweaking I couldn't be happier. In the end I'd call them $200 speakers with a $50 cool design tax tacked on.
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