Marantz, Rotel od Denon for B&W 705


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Hi again,

It's been 7 months since I bought my speakers and because of some financial issues I couldn't buy an amp.But now I almost have the money and I'm deciding what to buy.

I want to buy an integrated amp because my budget is not high and I want to eliminate the need for pre amp but if there is a better combination with pre+power amp I'll look into it.

Budget is 1100-1200$ at the max.

I listen instrumental music, jazz, vocals, almost everything based on string instruments and female voices.

The room is about 4mx4.5m and I don't listen to very loud levels, almost all the time is moderate but I like to feel that control over the low end and the airness with that kind of listening, moderate level.

Now my choices from which I can't listen them all with my speakers:

1.Rotel RA-1520.....brand new , 1100$

I had the the audiotion and I think the sound was a bit sterile.The bass was tight, good soundstage and separation but some how I didn't feel like a want to part with my money for that amp at that moment.Maybe the thing was that it had some JUMP factor, for the first minutes was great but after a while it started to annoy me.I really dont know about this amp.

2.Rotel RA-1062.....used for 500$ but in great shape, bought locally from the local B&W dealer. But I cant listen it, is it the same as the 1520 or maybe worse/better?

3.Denon PMA-1500AE....used for 400$ also great shape, from the same shop as the former.I had an audition with the bigger brother, the PMA2000AE and the sound was less fatigue and in my face, compared with the Rotel, more mellow and maybe a little borring, but just a little.The bass I feel was not that tight like the Rotel but was good.I sure can live with this amp more then with the Rotel but this was the 2000, not the 1500 version wich I can't listen.

4.Rotel RMB-1066 used for 450$ great shape , can't listen.

5.Rotel RMB-1075 used for 1000$ great shape, can't listen.

6.Rotel RB-1070 used for 500-600$ great shape, can't listen.

7.Rotel RB-1562 brand new for 900$ but have't auditioned it since it goes over my bidget to find a pre amp.

8.Marantz PM-7003 new for 800$. I heard it with my speakers and I think it was struggling, at low volume the bass was gone, separation wasn't quite good and the soundstage wasn't as wide and deep as with the other amps.I think for the B&W 6 series is good, but not for the 7th.But I liked what I heard.I mean the sonic signature.I think is in the middle between Rotel and Denon, clear sound like the Rotel but not so annoying, also more mellow, but not so borring like the Denon.

9.Marantz for 1100$ .Today the dealer called me to tell me that he can offer me this Marantz for that price but I can't listen it for a couple off days till they finish remodeling the shop.Like I said I liked what a heard from the 7003 and if this is their reference line sure it is better but with that similiar sonic signature and more power and grunt to drive the 705s.What do you think about their quality, I mean Marantz?

I know this is a lott of rumbeling but this is all that is to me availible in my country and so my choices are limited.

Thanks for the help

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Just my opinion but I would do the Marantz PM-15s. The Rotel sound is rather endemic to the line and can easily be termed Rotel's "house sound". If you like it - and many B&W owners do - then you'll be happy with the pairing. But as you say, it can be somewhat too much for some listeners who are expecting to listen to the music rather than the system.

Can't say that I'm fond of the current Denon line up and sound. Denon is now owned by the same large corporation that also owns Marantz and McIntosh. Denon is their lower priced product in the series. There's nothing particularly wrong with the Denon sound, just not that much to get me interested.

The PM series from Marantz should offer a sound that is complementary to the B&W's in many ways. It is a bit warm where the B&W's are a bit cool and, IMO, that can become troublesome as the two personalities can clash rather than play well together. YMMV But that would be my first choice due to the higher quality of design and construction in this portion of the Marantz line up.

Ask about return policies if you are unable to audition the amp with your speakers and go from there.


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Hi i didn't catch which speakers you own but I've owned 2 of these and check reviews online people rave.

Seeing how you like same music as I do
I'm sure this amp will stay with you forever.

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I own B&W 705.

That may be a nice amp but the shipping+import duty to get it in my country will make the price almost double, that is why I cant order online.

I think I'll go with the marantz, I'm waiting to get it for a home demo and some other equipment, to listen for a couple of weeks in my room, since the room is one of the most important things.
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