Best Receiver for my Paradigm Titans $600 budget


I love my paradigms, My cheap sony STR-DE835 went out with a "Protector" error message, so time for a new one. I don't think the speakers were reaching their potential with that receiver.

I have gone to a few diffent stores and they all have what they think I need. Namely Yamaha rx-v1400, Integra 5.4, Pioneer Elite, but none could demo those on my speakers. Do I need THX, etc..

I am about 50% music %50 DVD

Can you tell me what You are using with these and what you would suggest for my budget.

Thank You.


I have heard almost every brand of receiver with Paradigm speakers and without question, the best sound comes from an NAD receiver with the Paradigm speakers.

For your budget, look into an NAD 742, available from Saturday Audio Exchange ( for $449. Very conservatively rated, it recently won the Receiver of the Year award from two different audio magazines in Great Britain. The sound is incredible for a receiver that inexpensive. It is one of the very few HT receivers that does a very good job with music--most HT receivers, including the Yamaha 1400 and the Integra 5.4 really butcher music playback. And, no, you do not need THX certification. It is just a marketing gimmick that makes George Lucas rich.

You will not believe how much better sounding the NAD is than your old Sony!

Great feedback, thank you.

I will have to look into it, might I ask Hawk, what brand receiver/speaker combo do you own?


I have a Denon 3803, which I have regretted buying for some time. I have promised it to a charity for their offices and I will be buying an NAD for myself before the year is out.

I will also be buying new speakers. Currently, I am running Mission speakers with my Denon, but I have narrowed my speaker choices to the following list (which have passed the Wife Acceptance Factor for their particularly small size): Dynaudio, Krix, and NHT. The Paradigms are truly a lovely speaker, but they are simply too large as I need to hang mine on the wall.
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