Hawk and other experts: NAD T752 or T762?


Please help me decide. There's a $200 difference and I'm wondering if it's worth it? I know the T762 has 20 more wpc, an extra amplified channel, HDCD, a larger power supply and weighs more. But do all of that translate to better sound? I have Canton surrounds, Vandersteen 2Ci fronts and looking to get a center channel speaker (any suggestions would be greatly appreciated too), no subwoofer yet..not sure if I'll need it with the Vandersteens. But my main problem is deciding which receiver. I also have an Acurus A150 (150 wpc stereo amp) that I could attached the the Preamp outs of the T752 to get true 7.1 amplification if needed.

Hawk, Johnny, or any other experts, Please help. Thanks.


Wow, I don't know if I should be considered an "expert" yet, especially compared to Hawk, but I do happen to have some knowledge of the NAD line of receivers. In my opition, especially since you have the extra amp, I would think that the 752 would serve you well. First of all, the extra 20 watts is a minor issue. When you are talking about power supplies this large, 20 watts is nothing. It will take much more power than that for you to hear a difference. Also, the 80 watt rating on the 752 is a conservative rating. Hawk, I know you have the specifics, but in reality, the 752 probably has closer to 85-90 watts of power, with all channels driven. So, unless you have an extra 200 dollars that you aren't doing anything with and are a real power hound, you will be very pleased with the 752. Sonically speaking, you will hear very little difference, if any. No need to spend the extra money.

Thanks for your quick reply, and yes, I do consider you an expert....after reading the many good advice you been giving. I'm not really a power hound, nor am I loaded with moolah, but my real concern is whether the 752's 80 wpc can drive the Vandersteen 2ci's. I don't think they're inefficient speakers, but they're pretty big and I haven't used them with anything other than the 150 wpc Acurus amp. Anyhow, thanks for the info on sound quality. I think I may give the T752 a go. My local dealer is willing sell one new to me for $650, well a bit more with tax. I wanted him to sell a T762 for $899 (like Sat Audio), but he won't give it up for less than $940. Oh well.


I am unfamiliar with the Vandersteen speakers. Hawk and elitefan are much better at discussing speakers than I am. I live in a medium sized community, and only have one "high end" dealer around. Consequently, my experiences are limited to what I have listened to at this one dealer, the local BB and CC, and other systems I and other friends have owned. I have never come across this brand of speaker. However, I would think that unless they have a low impedance (4 ohms or less), the 752 would do fine.


I am not sure I am an expert, either--I just know what I like and I am still learning a lot.

I agree with Johnny, especially given your additional amp (the Acurus is a pretty nice amp to have lying around like that!). I do think the 752 should be plenty of power, and it pretty much has the same pre/pro section as the 762, so you aren't missing much. If, however, you find that you want more power into your mains, you could continue to have the Vandersteens driven by your Acurus amp and the remainder of your system driven by the 752. BTW, will your dealer ship a 752 at that price? I want one myself!

I have always liked Vandersteens. Very accurate, open sounding speaker capable of filling almost any room. Almost got a pair for myself about 20 years ago and they just keep improving their basic design. Superb speaker. Have you looked into the Vandersteens center speaker? I looked at them last spring, but I have forgotten the details. If it is too pricey (likely), what is your budget for a center? I have a couple of ideas.

Thanks Hawk,

I think I will use the Acurus to drive the Vandersteens. Yes, the Vandies are great, but very pricey, I bought the 2Ci's used. Would love to get their center, but I'm sure it'll be beyond my budget. I'm looking to spend around $150 to $250 for a decent center. I know ideally one should have a single brand for their HT speaker system, but I got all this stuff lying around from my non-HT days.

If you could recommend some good centers (at a budget of $150 to $250), would be greatly appreciated.

The place I talked with that is willing to sell the 752's for $650 is Spearit Sound in Boston, MA...ask for Steve. Don't know what the shipping will be like. Thanks for your ideas.
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