"Best" All around Receiver


I am looking At H/K avr7200 Denon avr3803
H/K avr630 Arcam avr200 and Pioneer Elite 55txi.
I will be using it 30% for 2 Channel & 70 % for
H/T I am looking for sound and performance over
frills. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


If you are looking for a "no frills" receiver that excels in sound and performance, take a look at the NAD T762. It is as "no frills" as you can get, in my opinion. It can be had right now for $899, but not for long as a new model is coming out soon. I would recommend it over any of those that you listed above. It has a wonderful sound for anything, stereo or HT. It is rated at 100w x 6, and that is on the conservative side. If you are unable to find NAD anywhere, I would recommend the H/K 7200 or the elite over the Denon. Power supplies are much stronger and they sound much more clean and detailed, in my opinion.

Much depends on your answers to the following:

What size is your room?

Do you already have surround sound speakers? If so, are they 8 ohm, 6 ohm, or 4 ohm?

Do you already own a dvd player? If not, do you want to be able to play DVD-Audio and SACD?

If you have or plan on buying 4 ohm speakers than the H/K's or the Arcam's (or NAD) are the better choices.

The main reason to get the Pioneer Elite 55TXi is if you get the Pioneer Elite 47AVi dvd player or the soon to be released 59AVi (expensive--probably about $1300). Otherwise the i-link (firewire) will likely be unneccesary. I would probably only buy the 59AVi if I owned or was getting an excellent HDTV with HDMI hook-ups (advanced form of DVI).

But if you get one of those dvd players then the 55TXi will outperform any of the other receivers in DVD-Audio/SACD and probably in DVD video too. The firewire (i-link) keeps the connections on only one cable and totally digital, plus recognizes whatever disc you put in and automatically sets the receiver for it.

Otherwise if you like PE anyway, get the 53TX, which doesn't have the firewire.

I like the HK for hook-ups with non firewire dvd players and it has good power. Particularly if you have or are getting 4 ohm speakers. But the Arcam and HK are excellent with 8 ohm too.

Also, make sure you like the remotes (unless you already have a good universal remote) and the receivers have the features you want and may use.

I would look at all but the Denon. I had a 3803 and hated it. Very bright and sibilant. All the others mentioned I like very much. Personally I would buy the Elite 55 as I love that line. You can't lose with any except the Denon. Think through G-Man's questions and you will find which is best for you. Try to hear all with your own music and movies by the way.

Anybody have thoguhts on the outlaw 1050 receiver?

Anybody have thoughts on the outlaw 1050 receiver?
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