You?re gonna be ticked if you don?t have enogh power! Marantz vs Pioneer Elite


You?re gonna be ticked if you don?t have enogh power!

That?s what I was told when deciding on the Elite VSX-53TX over the Marantz SR8300.

My setup is as follows:

Energy Veritas 2.0 Center
Energy Veritas 2.2 R&L 3 way Bookshelf
Energy 8.2 8? Sub

80/20 Home theater/Music

Samsung HLN565W DLP Rear Projection TV
Samsung HD931 DVD player

Now I may be comparing apples and oranges since the 8300 delivers 120 watts x6 and the 53-TX 100 watts. But why pay more if it?s overkill? Both are THX Select, and the 53-TX has MOSFET which calibrates the system output to fit the room acoustics. I am leaning toward the Pioneer Elite unit. Any experience with either AV receiver?

I have not had any with the 53 but I owned the 43 and now have the 45 and believe me your dealer is blowing smoke up ... Go to Rotels website and go to info section and read the comparison test with the Rotel 1055 and Pioneer 2011 and you will be knocked out by the Pioneers response and great power rating. Anyone who tells you that the Elite's lack power is totally nuts. Either unit you are considering will serve you well but you will pay much more for the Marantz and IMO gain nothing worth the difference. If you like the Elite buy it and don't pay any mind to that idiot salesman.

Seem like these speakers have a reasonable sensitivity rating (89dB), so either receiver should be able to drive them to deafening levels.

Jeff Plous
Hey elitefan,
I wanted to take a look at that comparison, but I cant seem to find it on Rotel's site. Can you tell me where it is a bit better?

Go to Rotel North America. Then go to product reviews and pick the Home Theater components catagory. Scroll to the 1055 and click on the first review listed. It's from HI-FI News and called "Screen Six." Jeff you will love this review of the Pioneer 2011 which is not even a Elite but sure looks like the vsx43. It will reinforce your opinion of the greatness of your [and mine] vsx45.
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