What receiver is a good match with Paradigm Studios v3??


Moe Lemieux
I am slowly putting together a new HT system. So far this is what I have bought.

Paradigm Studio 40
Paradigm Studio CC-470
Paradigm Studio ADP-470
Arcam Diva CD72 cd player

What is important to me the most is two channel music. I want something that will bring the best out of my Arcam Diva CD72. Should I go with a high end receiver or fork over the extra cash and get some Outlaw seperates?

Also, are any of you familiar with SignalCable products? I hear many good things about their cables. Any brand of cable that are good that won't break the bank? Any feedback would be appreciated. THX!



I am envious! You have wonderful speakers there and I think that Arcam CD player is the best I have ever heard. Well done!

For those speakers and because you want top quality two channel sound, I highly recommend the NAD 762 or the Rotel 1055. I have heard the NAD driving your speakers (Paradigm Studio 40 v3s) and the sound is so smooth it is like liquid. Easily one of my favorite combos. I have not heard the Rotel with the Paradigms, but I have heard them each separately and have no doubt they would be a good match. The Rotel is "leaner" and not as warm sounding as the NAD (a little less bass information), but the clarity and detail is just as good and would be a good match with your speakers. The Rotel is only 75 wpc x 5, however, and this may be a problem with a large room. The NAD is good 100 wpc x 6.

Short of those two receivers, I would suggest the Outlaw separates. They would work very well with the Paradigms. The Outlaw amp is a little "cooler" sounding than either the NAD or the Rotel, so be aware of that before you order.

Oh, before I forget, you might also look into the new NAD T773, which is just out. It is a real brute at 110 wpc x 7, but the sound is definitely warmer than either the Rotel or the Outlaw separates, which you may prefer.

I hope this helps.

Moe Lemieux
Thanks for the input Hawk, just a few more questions. Are you familiar with the Marantz SR-7300ose? I have read many good things about this receiver and correct me if I'm wrong but I think it uses the same Crystal DACs that are in the NAD.

I'm a little paranoid about buying a NAD. Do you think the problems people were having with the t7x2 receivers were fixed with the new NAD T773? Where can I buy the NAD T773 and how much are they selling it for?

I live Ontario Canada. I contacted the nearest NAD dealer and he said that the NAD sale rep. won't be in for another 2-3 weeks and doesn't know when the new line of NAD receivers will be available. Any US NAD dealers that ship to Canada?


Yes, I know the 7300ose, and I think you are right about it using the same DACs. I really like the 7300ose and I have recommended it regularly. For whatever reason, I do think the NAD has slightly better resolution and clarity, probably because of a better amp stage, but the Marantz is quite good, too.

I have been very impressed with NAD's commitment to solving any product problems. We have had posts on this board where factory techs have met customers at the airport to pick up a receiver when the local dealer could not solve the problem. I know of no other manufacturer that would go that far.

However, I also think that the so-called problems are overstated on this board. Every brand has clunkers and we have had posts by people with problems with Yamahas, Onkyos, Marantzes, and Kenwoods all in the past month. The real issue is whether the maker resolves the problems. I would also note that many of the problem receiver stories have come from overseas, including Holland, Denmark and the Phillipines, and each of these are the responsibility of a different distributor. What I have seen is that the US and Canadian distributors have bent over backwards to fix any problems brought to their attention.

As for the new 7x3 series, I am told they have been released to dealers, at least the 773 and the 763 (the 753 and 743 will ship in December). Not many dealers have them as they are trying to sell down their stocks of the 762 (if they still have any). Saturday Audio stocked up on the 762 to hold its sale, so it will not be taking any shipments on the 7x3s until they are largely sold down.

Moe Lemieux
I just bought the Marantz SR-7300ose. Local dealer gave me a good deal on this receiver. NAD might have a slight advantage in sound quality but I think the Marantz will give me less headaches in the long run. Now the only thing I have to buy is my cables. This is the part I hate the most, so many different brands of cables I don't know where to begin! Can't wait to have this setup hooked up!


So don't give yourself a headache over cables!

Go to Parts Express (www.partsexpress.com). For interconnects, I strongly recommend their house brand, Dayton Audio. Good stuff--super prices.

for speaker cable, I think the following Monster Cable is a very good buy:

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