Whens the best time to get good deals on discountinued models?


I'm thinking some time in March,April or May, like in NAD's case, their new models will be all out by February, hopefully. I'm still seeing the 742..762's selling NIB and this is November. If the new NAD's are much better in the quality department I have a feeling these retailers will have a hard time unloading the bug'd xx2 series.

Anyone will retail experience? Thoughts?


I disagree with you. You say that the "retailers will have a hard time unloading the bug'd xx2 series". This would imply that all in this series are "bug'd"...which obviously they are not. There are great sales going on right now from several online dealers on all of the NAD xx2 line. But, as you point out, as time goes on, the deals will get better and better on those units that are left.

I think we have already seen the best prices we are going to see on the NADs. Contrary to Anon's suggestion that the receivers have bugs, the NAD dealers in my town cannot keep them in stock and are not reporting any serious problems with them. There are no more 762s to be had. In fact, my local NAD/Yamaha dealer indicates that they have fewer problems with the NADs than with the Yammies.

The prices at Saturday Audio remain a great bargain. I have been told that YAWA Online is matching those prices, but I have not called to ask. I have called Kiefs and they are totally out of the 752 and 762, and do not think they can get any more--they are awaiting the shipment of the new 7x3s for their customers.

Any guess what the price will be on the T763, TR753 and the T743????
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