Onkyo TX-SR701 or Pioneer VSX-D2011?


Tony H.
G'Day guys!

I'm from Australia and I'm tossing between 2 models:

1. Onkyo TX-SR701
2. Pioneer VSX-D2011

I can get them both at approx the same price. The reciever will be pumping the Bose Accoustimass 15 series II speakers (yes, I know they're #%$!).

Are they both even comparable?
Which one would be the best setup for my speakers?
Which one would give me better sound?

I mainly watch movies and sometimes listen to music. I'm planning to buy one of them very soon!!!

Any help is much appriciate!
From down under...
Tony H.

The Elite is a far better receiver in terms of power and build quality although the Onkyo is not bad in the build area. The Elite is very warm and also very large and heavy so that might be a factor. If you want to see a test report on both go to the Rotel wedsite and into the product reviews, select the HT catagory and then go to the Rotel 1055. Click on the first report from HI-FI magazine and the article is headed "Screen Six". You will be amazed at the difference between the two in terms of load tolerance and power reserves. Look at the response curve on the Elite and you will see a flat line clear across the entire frequency range. This is a receiver to build a high quality system around for years to come.

Alan G

I agree with elitefan, the onkyo is not in the same league as the elite (VSX-D2011) for either music or HT audio. The elite also has a bigger power supply and thus more driving power, not really a fair comparison :-(

I agree with both opinions. The elite hands down.
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