NAD 752 + Acurus A150 amp or NAD 762


There seems to be so many NAD fans here! That's great! Here's an interesting dilemma. I'm looking to spend on a new receiver and after reading the many posts here, I've decided to get either the NAD 752 or the NAD 762. The only catch is of course the price. I have a spare Acurus A150 amp (rated at 150 wpc) which is driving the front mains (Vandersteen 2Ci's). I'm thinking of getting the 752 and bridge the Acurus amp to drive the Vandersteens and use the 752 amps to drive the rest (center, surround etc). The other option is to sell my Acurus and spend the proceeds on upgrading to the NAD T762. For all you experts out there. Which do you think is a better solution?

A. NAD T752 + Acurus A150 or
B. NAD T762.

Thanks in advance.
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