Good Home Receiver for under $400?


Ok I know I'm asking alot but here it goes:
I want Surround sound; 5.1 is sufficient
I want 4-6 ohm system if possible
Decent EQ system (no lame bass/treble EQ)
And over 500Watts, preferably 150watt front
Not as important but would make be happy:
1 Front A/V jack
At least one optical port
Anyways if anyone knows of such a product please reply I would be much obliged (I can spend a little bit more than $400 but not much)

P.S. Brand Does Not Matter,
Need black system.

NAD T742. Available for $449 on the net. You will have to buy a seperate eq, because no receivers nowadays have an eq. It doesnt have 100 watts per channel, but it sounds louder and cleaner than most mass market 100 watt per channel systems.

Here we go again. This guy Synaux asks regarding the best receiver under $400. The response he gets:NAD T742. Available for $449 on the net.

A minimalist receiver for $50 more then he wanted to spend. What is it about the the less the $400 part you do not understand?

Synaux, take a look at Yamaha and Onkyo. There are some screaming online deals on Onkyo. Check out places like, and as well as They all have great deals right now for your price range.

Yes, here we go again! Again, we get snide comments when someone responds in good faith. I don't know what has happened to this board in the past two weeks with the bile and venom that has erupted from certain people, but I really wish it would stop.

G.DawG has been a regular contributor to this board for several months and is not a late-comer. He is very knowledgeable and perhaps he just wanted to give someone a choice to go a little higher for much more quality. If the original poster does not want to go above $400, then they are free to ignore the advice. So give it a rest. Frankly, Pioneer, anyone can simply toss out some brand names, but if you really wanted to help, try giving model numbers, too,like G.DawG. Which Yamaha and which Onkyos did you have in mind? Toss in a price or two and the source so that the original poster has a place to start their search.


Thank you for asking, and please ignore the nastiness of someone who has their own agenda but are of no help.

I would second the suggestion of G.DawG about the NAD 742. However, it is an industrial grey color rather than the black you suggest you need. It will give you the best sound, however. Check it out at

For a true black receiver, I would also recommend the Marantz SR-5300, also available for just a little bit more than $400 ($430). See it here:

Sound quality is just a little below the NAD, but is defintely better than the comparable Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Sony, or Kenwood. A very worthy receiver.


Who really has their own agenda, you Hawk??

Who says it will give the best sound? Where is the quantifiable analysis here? Where are the facts subtaniteated? Why is it the old hags on this forum can state their opinions but the necomers cannot? Is this based on merit or experience?

This entire NAD bullshit is a sham. NAD is overpriced Canadian garbage. Let's cut to the chase.
Someone with some stones post the returns percentage rate against sales for NAD vs. Pioneer,
HK,Onkyo and Yamaha. Let's cut to the chase and quit the mamsy pamsy BS. Hawk...what a name, your full of **it.

Mr. Pioneer, your "points" are useless and baseless and amount to screaming.

Several recent posters seem to forget that this is a forum to provide useful information and not diatribe. Comments like "screaming online deals on Onkyo" don't help. As Hawk points out, what model, price and why would be helpful.

Presumably, people who read these forums do their own research and don't merely take the word of anyone including Hawk or G.Dawg but look to those who have experience and knowledge to impart some of it.

If you want to look at an Onkyo, there are many resources. Circuit City, which sells them has a web site where buyers post reviews of the items they have tried. There are also many other review sites including which is another forum where they think Denons are pretty hot. There is also which is a q & a. There are consumer reviews at ebay, audioreview, ecoustics, cnet and epinions. There are several audio magazine web sites to look at too. There are magazines to read and so forth.

Those who come here and ask "What is the best receiver under $400" are hopefully just trying to learn something. To insult other posters for offering opinions is off topic and off putting. If you have a different opinion, just post it.

If you come here to ask "What is the best receiver under $400" and you are going to buy whatever Hawk tells you, that is a mistake. First off, people ask the same questions over and over again. There is a search function at the top which could help if someone learns how to use it. Second, do some research. If sound doesn't matter or you can't tell the difference, fine. Mention that and state what you are looking for. If sound does matter (presumably that is the reason you are reading this forum to begin with), listen with your own ears and make your own decision.

Yes, Pioneer, it would be nice to know the return rates of each brand but I don't see how you are going to get that information. There are too many variables. How many are recycled/refurbished and sold by unauthorized dealers? What kind of problems are there? How do the manufacturers respond to the problems? What I do is go to all the review sites I can find and compare. Even that is questionable since some review sites may not list unfavorable reviews, some may stack with positive or negative reviews.

Finally, keep in mind that people come to this forum for help. Insults and rants do not help.

You sir are a dickhead. All of you NAD jerkoffs defend this Hawk guy as if she were your godess.
News flash: She is not. NAD is a Canadian made, finciky POS receiver.
Pioneer Elite rules. Onkyo is a close second and you golden eared fairies are receiving signals meant for your satellite receivers.
Get real!!

I think Mr. Pioneer's language shows he is a low-life. If all he can do is resort to name-calling, his posts are merely used toilet paper.

For the record, everyone's opinion is good here, but don't start out by slamming good people, especially when you obviously don't have a clue.

John K.
Synaux, the equalization is especially rare, but there's one receiver that pretty much fits your specifications. The JVC 8030 is described in detail on the Crutchfield site and is available from 6th Ave for $259 shipped.

I too am a Elite lover but if you can't elevate the level of your comments stay off this site!

Bravo Elitefan!

I think Pioneer has more than proved to everyone reading this thread that he's prepubescent.


If there is anything on this forum that is BS it is your (and others) attempts to discredit anyone and everyone who even dares to disagree with your views by using profane and degrading language. I certainly hope that children are not reading this thread. I know I would not want my children thinking that they will get "cussed out" for simply posting their opinions on a free forum...and I thought the Jacko charachter of a couple of weeks ago was bad...Jacko and Pioneer...go get your Algebra homework done, your mom is calling you from downstairs to come to dinner...and please, STAY OFF THIS FORUM unless you have something constructive to say!

By the way, I thought there was some sort of filter on this website that would keep out profane language?

I just have to say that I really hope that some of the RUDE, SNIDE and above all, CHILDISH comments being made on this discussion board lately do not push some of the knowledgeable people (you know, the ones that are willing to post helpful comments) off to another board or worse, to stop posting. People like Pioneer and Jacko need to go somewhere else to display their filthy mouths and useless comments where other "haters" might find them helpful. Hawk, Johnny, elitefan and others: everyone respects and appreciates your opinions and helpfulness on this board. Please don't let people who just like to run their mouths ruin this experience for everyone else.

Would you people please stop engagging these idiots in conversation. For G-d sakes, ignore them. Please do not turn this message board into an adolescent chat room. IGNORE THEM - DO NOT COMMENT.

Did you ever end up with a receiver? I would like to hear your comments on the receiver you got, if you did.

When I suggested the NAD it was because you wanted power, "And over 500Watts, preferably 150watt front" the NAD is a very powerful sounding receiver, although only rated at 50 wpc, dynamic headroom is above 100wpc(respectively)

I wouldnt recomend the JVC, I found it to be too bright and harsh to listen to. If you have Klipsch speakers, stay away from JVC! Although it is only $259 I would recomend going a little higher up, to maybe a Pioneer 43 or a NAD 742. The Pioneer is available from hookedontronics (an authorized dealer) for $484. The Nad is available from saturdayaudio for 449. Both are pushing the budget, but 400plus is where you start getting the "good sound".


Pioneer Elite 43

Nad T742

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