Nad t762 or Onkyo900


I am looking at both of these receivers, I am looking for feed back on what you guys think. The NAD is only 6.1, but the Onkyo is 7.1, THX CERTIFIED. Does any of that make a hill of beans.

Ithink the Onkyo would be the best choice, specialy with its 7.1 capabilities. The NAD is a good receiver, but sometimes they can be a slight problematic.


There is no comparison. The Onkyo is a real disappointment, despite its TX certification (THX certification appears to be only a marketing gimmick) and 7.1. Check out the review of three receivers done in the June issue of Sound & Vision magazine and you will see that the equipment test of the Onkyo 900 determined that the Onkyo was only capable of 52 wpc when driving all seven channels, despite Onkyo's rating of 125 wpc. When driving five channels, it was only capable of 56 wpc. This is, unfortunately, rather typical of Onkyo's receivers, as well as several other household names (Sony, Yamaha, Kenwood, etc.). In fact, the Onkyos results were embarrassing as it was bested by not only a H/K 7200 (a very fine receiver), but by a JVC as well.

Additionally, the Onkyo is not as clean sounding nor as detailed as the NAD 762. I have had the opportunity to listen to both of them side by side using the same speakers and the same source material. The NAD sounded like a high quality receiver or even high quality separates--the Onkyo did not. The NAD was named both Receiver of the Year and Product of the Year by The Perfect Vision. I have not seen the Onkyo garner any accolades--it is just another "me, too" receiver.
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