Onkyo sr-800 need help hawk,g-man, and others


receiver onkyo sr-800 7.1 set up klipschsf-3 center,mains yamaha ns-777 sur. back and sides onkyo.I want make it sounds better.what should i do?Buy a amp and use my onkyo as a pre amp?wich one ?outlaw 7100or adcom 7607?please help.ah last question will that help?


A big part of your dissatisfaction comes from the mismatch of the onkyo receiver with the Yamaha main speakers. Before I bought an amp, I would experiment with a new pair of mains, perhaps starting with a pair to match your center speaker if you like its sound.

You see, the Onkyo has a pretty relaxed, "laid-back" sound and the Yamaha speakers are even more relaxed sounding (the surrounds don't matter, at this point). What you need is some speakers that are more dynamic sounding which better match your Onkyo receiver. Klipsch would be a good brand, as would Monitor Audio Silvers, JMlabs, Canton, and Mirage, to name a few brands of speakers that would better compliment your receiver.

Good luck!

hawk should i change the receiver or the speakers or both? what about the center sf-3 from klipsch? where can i find the brands you mentioned above ? online?

should i keep the center and ad monitor,jmlabs,canton or klipsch, wich one will make the better combo?after i replace my mains you think i will need a amp?
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