Pioneer Elite VSX43 or NAD T752??


I am what you'd call a newbie here but have been into high quality home audio for nearly 20 years. It's time to upgrade my home system, I visited a high end audio store today and found a wonderful pair of Paradigm bookshelf speakers which I will probably go with but the store really didn't handle mid priced receivers. Mostly high high end stuff out of my grasp financially. I have done quite a bit of reading here on this bbs and have been shopping around town and also did some on-line research and have narrowed my search down to the Pioneer Elite VSX43 or NAD T752. Can those who are in the know give me reasons for which is better for my needs, it will be mostly for music but an occasional home theater use. The Elite seems to have more power but how is as for a sound-stage and musicality? Not sure if that is a real word lol. Also the Elite is about $150 cheaper.


We have many adherents on this board for both receivers. I do believe both are well built and give a very good value for the money. Both have a very warm sound which is easy to listen to for extended periods of time. However, given your primary use is for music, you will want the NAD.

The NAD is probably more powerful than the Elite, but it would be close. I say that because the NAD was tested and found that it is more powerful than the manufacturer's rating. Sound & Vision's testing determined it could produce 92 wpc x 5 rather than the manufacturer's rating of 80 wpc. Pioneers that were tested tend to come up short on their rated power (although Elites tend to be much better than most other makers).

NAD is also one of the few companies that has put music quality first, unlike most manufacturers, because they believe stereo music is harder to reproduce than is HT. I have found NADs project a superb soundstage for music and sound more like quality separates rather than a "receiver." Also, in looking at a review in the magazine Audiofile and AV this morning, reviewing the Pioneer VSX-1011 (which is the overseas designation of the Elite VSX43), it noted the one weakness of the Pioneer was "stereo was not up to par with HT experience." I think the Elite 43 is more of a HT receiver and the real quality of the Elites begins around the model 45 (the 47 and 49 models are quite extraordinary) when it comes to music.

Finally, the NAD is a better combination with the Paradigm speakers. I have heard NADs (along with several other brands) driving Paradigms at my local Paradigm dealer and it is absolutely fantastic to listen to. Smooth yet dynamic, the sound is very engaging.

Don't know what your local NAD dealer is asking for the 752, but the going rate nationwide is about 20% off MSRP or $719 because the 752 will be replaced next month by the new 753 (which will have a higher price). You can also get the 752 on line for $699 at Saturday Audio Exchange ( I would ask for the 20% from your dealer because the discount is readily available across the country right now.

I hope this helps.

Even though I am an Elite fan I agree with Hawk that the NAD is a better fit with the Paradigms. The 43 is really the same as the 2011 overseas and has great power reserves so that is not a factor but for your speakers go with the NAD.
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