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I just bought a Luxman R 351 for $30.00 at the Goodwill. Can anyone tell me anything about it? All I know is that Luxman overall is a good brand. I tried it with my CD player tonight and only my right speaker had sound but not my left one. I had the balance knob set right in the middle. I tried both A and B speakers and the same thing. I have Boston HD7 speakers and they work on my current receiver. I also tried my headphones and got the same problem. I know it is not the speakers or headphones since both work with my current receiver. When I fidle with the balance knob I get some sound from the left speaker. What could the issue be? Also where can I get a manual for the receiver? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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There's a good chance you've wasted your $30. The Lux brand from which that receiver was produced has long been gone from the US market. There are no service shops which support the Luxman brand.

The problem could be in numerous locations within the receiver. You don't sound as if you have the technical know how to do any sort of trouble shooting. And I wouldn't suggest you go poking around inside the receiver as potentially lethal voltages exist even when the receiver is powered down. You can check the back panel of the receiver for any external fuses which might be blown from protecting a channel but I doubt you'll find anything. If you'd care to do some very limited exploration, unplug the receiver for about an hour to allow voltages to drop and then remove the top cover. Check for any internal fuses towars the rear of the receiver. Don't go poking around. If you can't locate a blown fuse, shut the receiver and proceed to the next step.

If your problem doesn't come down to a blown fuse, your options are pretty slim. Hopefully, the repairs can be made with reasonably generic parts. That's not always the case, however, with a receiver from this time period. Quite a few of the ic's and transistors used at the time are no longer in production.

If you want to pursue a repair, the best option would be to send the unit off to a shop which has no issues repairing vintage gear. Try out of Pittsburg.


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Thank you. You are correct I do not have the technical knowhow to do much trouble shooting. I have a good local repair shop that I will try and see if they can diagnose the problem. Thanks again.
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