Denon 2802 On Screen Display for System Setup



We have system all wired and sound is good, but cannot complete the fine tuning of the system with our new Denon AVR-2802, because we *CANNOT* get the on screen display to show up on the tv.

Very frustrating after working so hard to get it wired up. I have read on the net, to just send it back, because it is a fault, but I feel that we are just missing something and can't find the right button or sequence or mode.

If anyone has any help for this problems, Please, Please, Please email We have worked for days on set up, and now this makes it very disappointing for my husband not to be able to set up the system.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Cavalier Lady,

Have you figured out the solution? I bought the same receiver and had the same problem. My HDTV is Mitsubishi WS55511.


You need to find the right video setting. I had the same proble with a 3802. Check to see if you TV has setting for things like a video game. My Sony has TV, Video 1,2,3. Found the set up set screen on Video 1

I have a 3802 and WS55511 and had similar problems. I used the setup screen on the NetCommand to add OSDIS and connected the cable from the Input 4 on the TV to the Monitor In on the Denon 3802. That allowed me to use the On Screen Display for setting up my system. I talked with a rep from Ovations about solutions that work around this problem. Another problem in that Mitsubishi is using an older model Denon receiver series and hasn't yet updated to the new Denon models for the pick list on the setup.
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