Onkyo TX-DS575X and Bose AM10-II


This is the setup I have currently. I do understand that many people dont like Bose speakers, but when I heard them I loved them, and hence bought it. I had heard them with a Nakamichi receiver and they were simply amazing. But somehow there is no real power coming through my Bose through the Onkyo. Firstly, there is no bass at all. While the Nakamichi gave lots of bass, the Onkyo is hardly giving much to it. Secondly, I have to keep the volume pretty high (almost at 80% of max volume) in order to enjoy the movies loud enough. Im getting quite frusttrated with myself for speanding more than $1000 on my home theater but cant be satisfied. Any ideas what I can do or what component do I replace to get the best sound. I really cant afford to get rid of both of them - so looking (probably) to sell the receiver for a better one.


You could be in worse shape like me. I spent a lot more money on a Denon 3803 only to learn to hate it--it has no real power and the sound is a real disappointment to me. Believe me, I understand your pain in spending the money.

You should start by changing the receiver. Biggest problem is the badly underpowered Onkyo amp section in the receiver. Rule of thumb for Onkyos is to take their power rating and cut it in half to find out what their real power is (even this may overrate the Onkyo's power-- recent test of the Onkyo 900, rated at 125 wpc found it clipped at 52 wpc!). The power supply in their receivers is just too small to really drive the output stages--hence no real bass.

I again have to point to getting either the NAD 742 for $449 from Saturday Audio (www.saturdayaudio.com), or the Outlaw 1050 receiver, available directly from Outlaw Audio for $499 (www.outlawaudio.com). Both have an oversized power supply and both use very high quality bi-polar output transistors that will make the sound seem much larger than the modest power rating of the receiver (it is very possible that your Onkyo uses IC outputs which are horribly bass-shy and would exaggerate the problem with the power supply). In short, both of these units will sound more like the Nak you heard than your Onkyo will.

If you are unsure of what to do, I suggest you get the Outlaw. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so try it at home to see if it would solve your bass problem. If it doesn't, just send it back. If you do try this, please be sure to report back the results!

Good luck!

Hi Hawk,
Do you think Marantz 7400 will be a good combi with BOSE Speakers??
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