Help find suitable amp for Energy AELITE 2 speakers


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Hi everyone.

I'm new here, and I need a little help. I'm going to start up a sound system at home, mainly for listening to music. Eventually I may want to set up a home theatre system, but for now it's just for music from my iMac.

I am about to pick up some Energy AELITE 2 speakers (either those or Energy Evo 1....but I think the AELITE will win me over). I now need to figure out what I should use to power/drive them? The guy I'm getting these speakers from suggested the following:
Onkyo 809
Onkyo 609
Rotel RSX 1550

Questions I have are:
1. Will these suggested amps be a good match for these speakers?
2. What is an integrated 2 channel amp? Should I be using one? Any suggestions on a good one to use with these speakers?
3. What is a decent price for these (in Canada)? New/Used?
4. Any other suggestions on what I could use for these speakers?

I'm pretty new to all of this, so I'll be glad for any help.


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Welcome to eCoustics Mike!

The Onkyo TX-NR809 is the best choice in home theater with much more feature than the Rotel.

1. Yes
2. An integrated 2 channels amps is an amp and preamps built in same device, if you want a home theater, you does not need a stereo amp.
3. You can get it new for 835$: 61879547?pt=Receivers_Tuners&hash=item45fae251fb
4. Not realy for this price!

To complete the Home Theater system, find of other Mirage speakers to match with the Aelite 2, for the sub you can buy a Precision Acoustics HDS 10 made in Canada!

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I would suggest listening to different amp and speaker combinations before buying anything rather than buying speakers and then matching an amp to them. See what combo you like. Then buy that combo.

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So I went and listened to the Acoustic Energy AELITE 2 speakers today and I wasn't blown away. I thought they were lacking in the lows. He put on his AELITE 3s for be to hear and those sounded much better to me. I don't like a lot of bass, but I feel having the right amount of lows adds a nice warmth to the sound.

So I'm still in the market for some good speakers and a good amp combo. The AELITEs were pretty much brand new and I think I would have been able to get them for about $600 (not sure if this would have been a great deal or not). Any other speaker suggestions that fit that price range (or lower). I was thinking my budget for an amp/receiver would be around $700.

So if anyone has any great suggestions on what I can find in this price range, I'm all ears!


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Hi Mike, depending upon your room size and desired maximum volume level, either the Onkyo TX-NR609 or the Onkyo TX-NR809 would be perfect. They are well equipped, sound great on stereo (pure direct engaged) and are reliable units. -decoding.html
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