Possibility of a new, updated, Outlaw receiver soon???


I was just checking, again, my options for a receiver as a replacement for the integrated Nak amp I just sold, when I checked Outlaw Audio again (a link prompted me to check it out again).

Anyway, this time, instead of looking at the 1050 (receiver) again, I noticed their 7 channel 100WPC amp and 7 channel preamp/processor with DTS-ES, DD EX etc, 7 channel stereo etc.
They have a B-stock deal for $1498 for the pair, which is quite a bit more than I wanted to spend, but still a bit tempting.

I'll probably end up going with a NAD receiver - I may wait for the xx3 series receivers to come out next month, which (i.e. speaking of receivers) leads me to the subject of this thread, at last:

Someone asked in the Outlaw forums about which receiver the Outlaw 7100 amp/950 preamp combo was equivalent to; his budget is $800.

One of the admins said verbatim:
" Stand by for our next newsletter. Something very interesting is up!"

I wonder if this could mean they are going to release an updated receiver soon?
Has anyone heard anything about a new Outlaw receiver?
I do know someone (I forgot if it was here or elsewhere) had mentioned that Outlaw might have a contract to fill before they can start creating, marketing and selling a new receiver. Maybe that contract is up?

I don't know if I can wait too long though, since I no longer have a surround sound system.
I could always hook up my Onkyo Integra stereo receiver in the meantime, but that would still mean no DVDs in surround and no SACD...



Outlaw's news is probably about their new two channel stereo receiver, called the RR-2150 ("RR" stands for Retro Receiver), and it will be a 75 wpc x 2 stereo receiver--no digital processing. Supposed to come out with a high quality phono input, too.

Thanks Hawk.
Oh well, it seems it was just wishful thinking
then :)
If I weren't into HT so much, it might be appealing.
Then again my old stereo-only Onkyo Integra
TX-890, which I still own, was built to last, and has both MM and MC phono inputs, and a whopping 380 WPC of dynamic power into 2 ohms...


I actually have the same onkyo integra tx-890, which I got years ago from my dad as a hand-me-down. it's been sitting in my closet for some time now. i actually gave it a whirl for the first time in a while with my b&wcdm9nts. i was pretty impressed (beats the yamaha rx-v620, which I am looking to upgrade). too bad the onkyo is only 2ch!

i was glad to see your post because i was wondering what the onkyo was rated at. it's certainly heavy enough!!!

Paul T
Not just a rumor guys, the 1050 stock is just about depleted and they are not making any more 1050's. Outlaw will be releasing it's replacement some time in the middle of next year. They are offering present 1050 owners a chance to trade in their 1050 receiver for $300 towards the purchase of their 950/7100 preamp/amp combo. I think it's a pretty cool thing to offer direct trade ups, also I bet we will be seeing 1050's used/refurbished receivers for sale at around $350-$400 from December till the 1050's replacement is out, that is if they get a lot of trade ins.

Hi Skip,
Yes, too bad the Onkyo Integra TX-890 isn't an AV receiver!
It is rated at 125W RMS into 8 ohms, with low THD (I don't have the manual in front of me).

Hi PaulT,

So they were referring to a new receiver.
I actually noticed it at the Outlaw site a day or so ago, before going back to this thread.

Unfortunately I can't wait 7 mths or more, since I sold my Nakamich and have no surround sound at the moment...
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