Any word on NAD T743 yet??


Paul T
I've seen reports last month stating release date was November, been holding off on buying a T742 hoping I can get the scratch together for the T743. Figured it will be worth the wait for a little more power plus hopefully any bugs from T7x1 & T7x2 models will be corrected.

PS: Is the NAD T743 a great match sound wise for Paradigm Studio 20v3?? Yes I mean "great", I want the absolute best match I can find for my speakers..


I would strongly endorse the combination of an NAD amp with the Paradigm Studio 20s, v3. I heard the Paradigm 20v3s a couple of weeks ago with both a high end Yamaha and an NAD receiver and the NAD was significantly better sounding, IMO.

Those Paradigms are among the most beautiful I have ever seen--the cherry finish is unbelievably good.

NAD with Paradigm studio series is a great combination. My local Paradigm dealer also sells NAD and Yamaha and Hawk is right. No comparison at all.

Paul T
I just happened to get the Cherry finish :), we have an older home with the old oak floors and molding and the Cherry actually looks more like light oak then cherry. The Studio 20v3 are an incredible speaker, they sound much larger then their size and so smooth and detailed. They sound even better at home then they did at the store even with my old Yamaha RX-V480(75wpc)which does a good job but I know I can improve the sound even more with a better receiver. Just having a hard time holding off pulling the trigger before the T743's come out. Although I noticed the Paradigms need more power then my old B&W's so I hope the T743 will have more power then the T742, I want plentiful clean power..


A suggestion: you can get the 752 for $699, which is the MSRP of the new 743, and the 752 will have a lot more power.

When the 743 comes out, I would not expect any discount greater than 10-15%, or about $599 as the asking price.

I don't know what you were planning to spend, but I thought you should have an idea.

Warmest regards

Paul T
Hawk, any idea what the T743 will be putting out power wise?? Seems to me with your figures above (estimates I know) I will be able to get the T743 for $100 less then the T752 so it just seems wiser to go for the T743 with it's updates and fixes of any problems they found through the T7x1 and T7x2 series. Next big question is since you are familiar with the Paradigm Studio 20v3's which do you think would be the better receiver to drive them, the T743 or T752??
Thank You again for your help :)


The 743 remains a 50 wpc x 5 receiver. It looks to me like the amp section is unchanged as the 743 will not have the "Power Drive" amp section like the rest of the NAD line. It appears to me that the changes are all in connectivity options, including component video.

I am very familiar with the Studio 20 v3s, having spent some time auditioning them about two weeks ago. I think the NAD 742 or 743 will have no problem driving them as they have a very hefty 50 wpc. However, having said that, I also believe the Paradigms will appreciate the extra power. More power is always better.
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