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Jerry O
Please clarify something for me: CC, J&R, Crutchfield, others have all completely dismissed Harmon K stuff when I inquire about them. Most people on this board seem, however, to really like HK. What gives?

Say What?!?
Well, Jerry, I just got my new H/K 525 tonight, and I love it. Not sure why you are getting those responses, but stay away from crutchfield no matter what you buy. Whatever they wanna sell ya, you can get alot cheaper somewhere else.

The sources you mentioned above are all about marketing and not about helping people put together good systems. I use J&R alot for accessories and blank tapes and dvds and cds but never would trust their or anyone else's opinion who is selling a piece of equipment. I let my ears tell me what I like. H/K is the best brand all of these people sell so for them to dismiss H/K should tell you where they are at.The new line of H/K is out and boy is it a radical change from previous models in appearance.

I'm surprised there isnt more ranting over the new HK 630. Maybe some owners will reply here.
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