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I'm gearing up to audition the NAD T752 and 762 this weekend. There are two dealers in town, both of whom I will check out. Anyway, I want to make sure that I get a price that is fair to both the reatiler and to me.

I noticed Saturday Audio is offering some really good prices on the NADs. Is it reasonable to expect a local dealer to match or come close to Saturday's prices? While I have heard really good things about Saturday and will consider purchasing via mail order, I would very much like to purchase from a local retailer if possible. I like the idea of local support, helping the local economy, etc.

Will I get laughed at if I offer $899 for a 762? If so, what's a reasonable discount for a 762 or 752, especially in light of the fact that new models are on their way.

matthew dow
my dealer sold me one for 999 on a 'special bulk purchase'. I think it was more because of the new models.

Make 'em an offer. Worst they can do is say no.

I'd print out the Saturday Audio price list, bring it with you, and ask them to match it. Even if they won't come all the way down they should cut you some slack.

former New Guy in The Stereo Store
I understand your hesitation in buying on line... I usually wouldn't purchase a pair of socks over the internet much less a fragile, expensive piece of machinery.

BUT, I just moved to the South to an area where there are no good audio dealers near by. So I put aside my better judgement and bought a T762 from Saturday Audio.

All I have to say about that is that I have been completely STOKED (very happy) since I got it. The receiver is AWESOME with no glitches. The price was great, and the service I got from them was fine. I asked them to e-mail me the tracking number and I got it within minutes. I bought it on a Sunday, it was sent out on Tuesday and I received it by Friday.

I highly recommend Satuday Audio. I still won't get a t-shirt online but I have no qualms about sending more business to Saturday Audio.

Thanks for the responses. I will start by trying to get my dealer to come close, if not, I will rest easy knowing that there is a good and affordable option. For $899, it just seams ridiculous NOT to get then NAD -- especially when compared to others in that price range (i.e., the Yamaha RX2400).


With all respect to AdamT, I would not show them the Saturday Audio price list. They may see something that they cannot meet, i.e., the price on the 742, and simply balk at any discount as they don't believe they could get your business. Instead, I would just ask them if they are offering discounts on the NAD since new models are expected soon. You should expect about a 20% discount off list just for asking. For the 752 model, that discount will get you very close ($719.20) to the Saturday Audio price ($699.00), so it may be better to buy on the spot so that you have a local dealer to support your purchase. There just isn't that much difference in the prices.

Yesterday, I went to a local NAD dealer who almost never discounts, but he is trying to clear out his inventory and he offered a 20% discount immediately when I asked.

If you are looking for the 762, after he quotes his "discount" price, listen some more to the receiver and tell him you are ready to buy, but can't afford that much for the 762, so ask him for his "best" price. That puts some pressure on him to make a deal and sometimes they will cough up some more money, up to another 5%. However, if he does offer up an additional 5%, you need to be ready to pull the trigger on the spot. That is being fair to him. Besides, 25% off on the 762 also gets you very close to the SA price.

Good luck.
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