Pioneer VSX-D912 receiver vs NAD T753


Mark L
Hi everyone,

I am trying to decide whether to purchase a pioneer XSV-D912 receiver now or wait for the new NAD T753. I think the pioneer is good with 6.1 HT and reasonably musical for the price, does anybody think that the NAD would be a better option?, and if so why?

The Pioneer is a very good receiver for the money but more compareable to the NAD742. The 753 is a better unit than both the 912 and 742. If you can wait and afford it I'd go with the 753.

Mark L

What sort of price do you think the NAD T753 will release at???

Hawk is the NAD expert and can answer that much better than me. Sorry.

Mark L

Can you help me with an estimate of the price for the expected T753?

According to NAD, the MSRP of the forthcoming T753 will be $999

Mark L
Thanks Skip, so we're probably realistically looking at about $850!

MSRP of the new T 753 will be $999. Figure you can get it for 20% off that price, or $799.

Mark L
Thanks Hawk

Mark L
Hawk / Elitefan,

Do you think that the NAD T753 will match with the KEF 2005.2 system (I can always buy an extra egg later if 6.1 recordings become more popular)?

Can't answer your KEF question but now that I have an idea of the price range of the 753 I wonder why you are comparing it to a $400 Pioneer 912. The 912 is a fine receiver for it's price but for $900 there are others to consider as well as the NAD. They would be Elite vsx53, Marantz7400, H/K630. You could find a Elite vsx45 for under $800 I'm sure. Any of these are very good units. Decide your budget and listen to as many as possible. Good luck.

Mark L

I'll have to make a comparison between the Pioneer 912 and some of the other more expensive units out there to see if I can justify spending the extra money (now that I know the price of the 753). I haven't had a chance to get out to the market place since my first posting. Thanks for the input.


I have no doubt that the 753 would work great with the KEF sub/sat system. Those KEFs are small, but the need a lot of power to drive them. Consequently, the NAD is one of the very best choices because they have such high current capability. However, for that setup, all you really need is an NAD 742, which you can get for $449 online from an authorized dealer.

The Pioneer is rated at 110 wpc, but realistically, it is probably no better than 60 wpc with all channels driven (a common problem), if that good (many 100 wpc receivers are unable to even make 50% of their rated power) . Worse, it doesn't have high current capability--something that is a big plus with those KEFs. The NAD 742, however, although rated at 50 wpc, has tested at better than 60 wpc, and it is a high current amp to boot, which means it is capable of better than 80 wpc for musical peaks. Has a much better pre/pro section, too, with much higher grade DACs and a better DSP. So check it out--I think you will find it makes a huge improvement over the Pioneer, sound-wise.

Now, if you are interested in spending more, I would agree with Elitefan that you should look at the receivers he suggests in addition to the NAD 753.

what dumb questions.... "which receiver is better?"..... Just listen!!!!

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It's hard to listen to the T753 when it wasn't released at the previous date, smart a#*!!!!
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