How do I hook my car amp and sub up to my Sony Home Stereo??


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I know little about car/home audio but enough to tweak it. I want to hook a 600 Watt Amp up to my Stereo in my room along with my sub so I can get more boom. Their both designed for a car audio system and I was told that its "impossible to convert a car audio system to a home audio system", which I know is false.

Can you please give me a list of stuff I need and what to do with it exactly along with some do's and dont's of this little project. My main concern is a power supply to the amp because I sure a standard 12v battery to plug convertor will probably fry it...

Any Advice at all here is greatly appreciated.
Thanx in advance.

So you can hookup the line in and speakers/sub ok?

To power the amp, thier is 3 terminals on the amp related to power, ground, +12V DC, and 'Remote'. To turn the amp on 12V needs to be applied to the Remote terminal. (concider this the on/off switch, coz it is!)

The easiest/cheapest way to run your amp is to use computer power supplys, they are cheap and can put out a decent amount of current. (if you can get your hands on AT powersupplys, it would be better.)

You need to be able to supply more current then the amp will need, so your not overworking the powersupplys (they are not tough). So look at the fuse/fuses of your amp. On the computer powersupplys you should see a sticker saying their MAX 12v output. You need enouth powersupplys so that you have about 5A more then the fuse on your amp.

to connect the powersupplys just join all the yellow wires, from all the powersupplys. This will be very messy you should get a power block connector to join them all. Run a single power cable from all the 12v wires to the 12v terminal (as you would do from the car battery).

Next is the ground cable. You need to do the same as for the 12v wires, but you dont need all the black wires, just enouth so the thickness of yellow wires is the same as the thickness of black wires. (use more rather then less).
Join a single cable in and run it to the Ground terminal.

That do?

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that will do, thanks alot!!

i have a 400w 25A ATX power supply and a 500watt amp with a 20A fuse. how do i go about turning the PS on without a mb? and will i still need the fuse from the power wire 2 the amp? or is that pretty much the fuse from ps?

hey pplz i basiclly no how to hook yup a car amp 2 ma stero i just dont no what to do with the remote wire ive got everythnig else ready can sum1 tell me wat it iz 4 and how can i fix the problem thx pplz

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to turn on a psu without a mobo run a jumper from the green wire on the main atx plug to any black wire be sure to have some kind of load or you will cook your psu
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