H/T Receiver Choice


I am looking for info on which receiver
would best suit my speakers,I have atlantic
technology 270thx.I am looking at marantz sr7300
yamaha rx-v1400 rx-v2400 or harmon kardon 525.
My room size is 16x20 with ten foot ceilings.

Hey is anybody out there?
Hawk if you see this can you give me some input
I Respect your opinion and judgment. Oh and by the way what is anyone's thought on nad 752 with
these speakers.Buy the way I hope no one takes offense to me asking Hawks opinion its just that
he seems to be involved in a lot of discussions.


I have not heard the Atlantic Technology speaker systems. Haven't even seen them in my area, so I really can't help. sorry!

Hope some one else can chime in who has . . .

Thanks Hawk.But maybe you can still give your input on what you think of Yamaha rx-v2400 vs
rx-v3300. Oh and maybe you or someone can enlighten me about what LINEAR DAMPING FACTOR is in an amp.

Well i have not heard those speakers but I just replaced my yamaha receiver with a harmon kardon 7200. Whoa what a diffence in sound I can crank up the volume and get no blairing tweeters. So give the HK a big thumbs up.


I just know what my local Yamaha dealer told me recently--that for the past five years Denon has been kicking Yamaha's butt, big time, as the Denons sound better and finally the Yamaha marketing people got the attention of management who allowed the engineers to put together a line of receivers that they now believe is the equal of the Denon line. So, it sounds like the 2400 would be better than the 3300.

Atlantic technology speakers are excellent quality and their center chaneels have a timbre dial on the rear to help match to different brands of speakers. The nature of the AT's is that they are laid back and warm sounding. Match carefully with receivers.

Which Receiver would you recommend in the $1000.00 range?
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