Receiver replacement for Nak IA-1z dts? NAD T761 or 752, Marantz SR-7300? Other suggestions?



I am new here.
I just sold my Nakamichi IA-1z dts integrated amplifier, since I wanted something more current, especially 5.1 and/or 7.1 inputs for SACD and DVD-Audio...
(The dts decoder wasn't working on my Nak, but that could have probably been fixed relatively easily. The main reason for the sale was to upgrade to 5.1 inputs and I also don't mind that I will be getting support for new surround formats).

Some possible replacements for the Nakamichi are:

- NAD T761 (used for $425 OBO) or NAD T752 (new for $699)
(Is the T752 actually better than the T761?)

- Marantz SR-7300 (demo for $599, maybe bit less)

- Sony ES series STR-DA2000ES (7.1) $538 NEW

- Sony STR-DA5ES - apparently features surround sound processing based on the renowned Sony
TA-E9000ES. ($699 used)

Carver and Rotel are too expensive.

Any recommendations, including brands and models not listed above, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

I just read about the 6.1 channel Outlaw 1050.

I would like to add that to my list of potential receivers above (New. US$499 + shipping).

I have posted my setup (minus TV details -
I have an HDTV set with component in) in the following thread, if it helps people make recommendations:


First of all I would get a Infinity center speaker ASAP. AS to recievers you have listed about the best around. My only other suggestions would be Elites and H/K. Sony is nowhere near the class of the others. Very poor power supplies and bright beyond belief.

Thanks for the recommendation elitefan! I appreciate it!

Any Infinity center recommendations, for when i do decide to buy one (I may wait a bit to buy a new center, since I just bought a car)?
Is the CC-3 the best match for the Overture 2 speakers?
How good is the Infinity 'Entra' center?

I may just get a new receiver for now, and buy a new center in a month or two...
I am thinking of the NAD T761 (refurb for $499 w/ 1 yr wty) over the 742, since the former has 80W instead of 50W per channel, and will still have that famous NAD sound.
If I save $400 over the T762, it will make me feel a bit better about the amount of money I spent on the car - not that I don't love the car mind you - while still getting great NAD sound of course.

The only thing is that it doesn't have 6 channel power, which is why I wonder if I should have jumped on the Marantz SR-7300 deal... :)

Is there any major reason * not to get a T761 with my HT setup?

* other than it being 5.1 only as opposed to 6.1 in which case I would buy a 6th speaker along with the receiver

I guess it boils down to this:
Is there any 6.1 receiver which is almost as good as a NAD xx2 or Marantz x300 series receiver?
I would like to get 6.1 surround, and not get 5.1 and feel like I am already behind the curve from the get go...

The Outlaw seems to have problems with the audio on some newer DVD discs, has just been discontinued and doesn't look nearly as nice as a NAD or Marantz - I will after all have this for a while to come, hopefully.

Thanks again!
No matter which one I get, I can't wait to listen to SACD and DVD-Audio.


1. You do not want the Sony ES. When the Sony was to be tested by Sound & Vision for power, Sony protested on the grounds that their HT receivers were "not designed to deliver full power to all channels simultaneously." Now, I must be missing somehting here as I thought we all wanted multi-channel home theater sound. What good are the extra channels if you can't use them?

The Marantz 7300 is a sweet sounding receiver and I like it very much. I do have reservations about the power supply, however. I do not have the capability to test a receiver's power and I have not even seen a review of this receiver, but the previous Marantz generation had terrible power supplies. Whether the x300s have a better power section, I cannot say. So, it sounds good, but I have never pushed one to know if it has the guts or not. Its detail and clarity is almost as good as the NADs

There is no question the NAD has the "guts" to properly drive a HT system. The biggest differences between the 761 and the 752 is that the 752 has Dolby Pro Logic II and has more advanced 192/24 DACS rather than the 761s older 96/24 DACs. The amp section of the 752 is also somewhat revised as it has their patented "Power Drive" technology which features dual power rails for faster power response. I believe John A. had a link in one of his posts from NAD-UK about power that would probably explain this better than I can.

However, I do think the 761 is a marvelous buy at that price or at the refurb price available at DMC Electronics ($499): I have heard a 761 and it has a marvelous sound.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for all the information Hawk!
I had pretty much ruled out the ES, after reading the posts here, but thanks for the info about Sony protesting...

The demo 7300 w/ 3 yr warranty was sold.

If I can live with the 5.1 surround sound (as opposed to 6.1), I think the T761 will fit the bill perfectly.

Hi Hawk,

According to the T752 manual:

"...the T 752 combines extraordinarily high-speed DSP processing employing one of the most advanced high-speed DSP 'engines' available, with fully 24-bit, 96 kHz-sampling-capable D/A converters for all channels."

Not 192/24 eh? Still sounds good to me. :)

elitefan (or anyone else),

Regarding your recommendation to get an Infinity center:

Would an Infinity 'Entra TWO' be a good center to mate with my Overture 2 front speakers?

There are also two others: the Infinity IL-36C and Infinity Alpha 37C, which are about 2 1/2 to 3 times as much ($250 - $300 vs. $100 for a mfr refurbished Infinity 'Entra TWO').
Not sure if the difference would be very noticeable or worth the substantially higher price?

I'll do some more research online in the meantime.

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