Add-On DTS Surround Processor availability?


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I have a perfectly good 5.1 AKG 999 Hearo Dolby 5.1 Digital wireless receiver and headset , which I use on my Yamaha DTS/Dolby Digital capable receiver with my TV/PC etc.

the problem is I like to listen on the DTS side of movies late at night. so as not to annoy my neighbours , as I live in a flat, I use my wireless headsetthe very but only does Dolby Digital 5.1/ProLogic 2.

so I started to look for wireless DTS headphones that weren't line of sight technology but rather 2.4 Hz radio-frequency. As you know, these are fairly scarce and some of the reviews are less than complimentary, especially when compared with my AKG 999 Hearo Dolby 5.1 Digital wireless receiver and headset.

I'm pretty sure that on the optical or coaxial digital out of my AKG 999 Hearo Dolby 5.1 Digital wireless receiver I might be stretching it to upgrade it to DTS, Dolby Digital 5.1 but I thought that on the analogue RCA connectors linked to a device like the:

"Turtle Beach Ear Force DSS 5.1/7.1 channel Dolby surround sound processor transforms any stereo analog headset into full, immersive surround sound for playing XBOX, PS3 or PC games and watching movies with Blu-ray or DVD players."

but I was disappointed to learn that they do not cover DTS sound spectrum.

Does anybody know of an equivalent add-on surroundsound processor but in fact would give me DTS out of my AKG 999 Hearo Dolby 5.1 Digital wireless receiver which also has an wired headset input/output?

if not, I think my last hope are these Logitech g930 7.1 wireless Digital headphones but as they are USB only on the receiver dock dongle they would only help me on the PC side of movie soundtrack DTS playback but I would lose out on TV DTS Wireless functionality still.

Any thoughts much appreciated G

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I would think a larger problem is the apparent scarcity of DTS formatted tracks being used in most consumer film releases. If there are no DTS tracks available, you cannot create DTS out of Dolby. So, are you really finding enough films with DTS tracks to even make this worthwhile?


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Jan makes a very good point. Regular DTS is not widely used in DVD. DVD is dead as well. DTS-HD is another story, becoming very popular for Blu Ray.

That said, you cant truly take a DD track and convert it to DTS. If there is something that claims it does it is BS. Not going into it. Simple answer is no.
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