Looking for a receiver to complement a speaker upgrade...


I am in the process of upgrading my Def Tech BP2004TL as part of a one year upgrade policy through my local dealer. I have a pair of B&W CDM9NTs that I am auditioning at home. Because they are being discontinued in favor of the 700 series, I can get a really good deal (basically, it would cost a few hundred bucks out of pocket to complete the upgrade).

Anyway, I am currently driving the Def Tech with a Yamaha RX-V620, which barely gets by for the DTs and is inadequate for the the B&Ws. The B&Ws seem to need more power than the Yamaha has to offer.

I have been perusing the board here and noticed a lot of conversation surrounding the NAD products. It appears that NAD offers lot of power for the $, which would be nice for the B&Ws.

Would this be a good fit? Are the B&Ws too warm for the NAD? Would the 752 work, or would I need the 762? Unfortunately, I'm looking to stay in the 1k or under range. Other receivers under consideration are the Integra 6.4, Yamaha RX 1400 and 2400, and HK 630.

Any help or feedback (especially on the NAD/B&W combo) would be much appreciated. Thanks!


1. The NAD 752 or 762 would be a good fit for the B+Ws (very nice speakers, BTW). I love the CDM series of speakers as it is among the most neutral speakers I have ever listened to (along with Dynaudios). Although the NAD has a "warm" sound, it isn't "laid back" like a Pioneer Elite or Harman/Kardon, so it enhances the sound of the CDM series. Consequently, the NADs are actually a very good match with those B+Ws.

2. The 752 should be able to drive those CDM9Ts just fine. I was just in an NAD/Magnepan dealer today, asking about the 752 with a full Maggie 5.1 system. I thought it should be able to handle it, but I had to ask a dealer I know and trust to be sure. He readily agreed it has more than enough power to drive a full Maggie system and promptly demo'ed it for me to prove it. Maggies are a lot less efficient that the CDM9Ts, so I have no doubt the 752 can do the job for you. Understand that real power isn't about watts per channel (a misleading spec), but about current provided for each channel (watts and current are not the same thing). The 752 has loads of current, much more than any other receiver you list except the H/K, which is about the same as the NAD 752. If you got the 762, you would have a real powerhouse.

Since you are getting a nice speaker in the CDM9Ts, I would not recommend the Integra as I don't think it has the resolution in the pre/rpo section worthy of those speakers. The Yamahas are a little too bright in the amp section which those speakers would reveal--a real prospect of "listener fatigue." Harman/Kardon is just the opposite of the Yamaha--it is very laid back sounding and would not bring out the best in the B+Ws.

I can't think of any other receiver under $1K that would be a good match for the CDM9Ts (Rotel is too expensive).

Thanks, Hawk, for this very helpful response. I am going to audition NADs this weekend and I'll let you know what I think. The big question for me will be whether to go for the newer model NADs or take advantage of good closeout prices on the ones being phased out.

Right now, my inclination would be to go for the 762 and get the extra power to really make the B&Ws shine. It just seems like a lot of sound for under 1k. That said, it's comforting to know that there are less expensive viable options out there in the 752.

There are two NAD dealers in my local area, so maybe I will benifit from a little price competition. Ideally, I would love for one of the two to match -- or come close -- to the Saturday Audio prices so that I can buy locally and get the benifit of local support.

I like the Rotels a lot too, but the $400 difference between the 762 and 1055 just doesn't seem worth it.
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