Hooking up 5.1 analogue - Which cable?


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Hi all,

Wouldn't it be nice to know what's used for connecting SACD/DVD-A players to receiver, and learn about your experiences?

My first contribution:

Profigold RCA, 14 EUR/pair.
+ Good for rock and pop, bass and trebble reinforced gives powerful sound.
- Blurry bass
- Edgy vocals (sawtooths as bad as digital interconnect)


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OK, here's a more audiophile experience:

Supra RCA Dual, 76 EUR/Pair
+ Frequency response seems linear, never hear any instrument or range pop up above the rest.
+ Precise, well-defined bass.
+ Natural sound, especially for vocals
- Cap on high frequency, things get lost even below audible 20KHz


Oh, BTW: These test of course made blindfolded, brand vs brand, brand vs cable provided with player, and brand vs coaxial.

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How do I hook up my Sony STR-D460z 5.1 sourround to my Sony DVD player and get the 5.1 surround sound? Any help would be appriciated.

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How do I hook up the 5.1 surround from my Sony STR-D460Z reciever to my Sony DVP-5330. My DVD player has a optical hookup and also a coaxil hookup while the reciever has the standard RCA connections for the 5.1 on the back....HELP Please!!!!!!

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it should be all in the user manuals. Without knowing those models, the most likely connection for Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 DVd-Video is with a single digital connection from the player to the receiver, whether optical or co-axial makes little or no difference. Six RCA sockets for 5.1 are usually intended for SACD and/or DVD-Audio.

AL, "brand vs coaxial" aren't they all coaxial? If you mean "digital coaxial" then, with that, you are not getting SACD/DVD-A at all.

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Yes John, I mean digital coaxial. This part of my testing was done with 96 KHz/24 bit LPCM tracks from DVD-A and DVD-V discs. They were ripped to avoid player downsampling to 48/24.

LPCM should in theory be equivalent to DVD-A with same bitrate, but I noticed some differences. Could be degradation in the process of ripping and recording on DVD-R.

BTW: Which cables do you use for 5.1 interconnect?


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I have an older Sony receiver STR-D460Z. Recently, I connected a Panasonic DVD/VCR combo. Now, I can only hear a DVD through the TV output, not the video output (even though the combo is connected to the video on the receiver). Also, there is no sound coming from my center channel speaker.

Any advice?

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Sound very much like a player and/or receiver setup issue. Try Forum search for specific brand and model.

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