Is this an NAD/Marantz message board


Neil B
Is this an NAD/Marantz message board. Nothing wrong with it if it is. I ask b/c very little relative mention of other brands: onkyo, hk, etc.


Yes it is. Please don't mention Onkyo of hk again. :)

And if you bring up Bose, we start looking for rope...

They are, of course, kidding you (except about Bose). Onkyo and HK are recommended many times. Search the boards. There are many Pioneer elite fans here, as well as Outlaw, Rotel, etc.

John A.
There is also the European embarrassment factor if anyone is insensitive enough to mention Bang & Olufsen.

LOL!!!!! This is great!

And do not bring up Denon, unless it is to compare it to Marantz -which we all know is better

Brad C.
Nad = LOTR

One receiver to rule them all...

One ring to rule them all...

John A.
Returning an NAD to the manufacturer is not really that difficult.

Yes but why would you want to return a nad? If your nad isn't working an ice pack might help

John A.

To cast it into the fire whence it was wrought.

John A.

u funny

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