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Looking for some speaker recommendations for H/K 325. Would like to have a 5.1/6.1 set up. Small/Medium Room 13x17. 80/20 movies/music. Would like to keep budget under $500 for now. Difficult for me to listen to different types of speakers. I have heard the H/K on some Klipsch before, sounded like a pretty good mix, warm vs. bright. Be my first system. Also, I found the H/K refurbished for 409.90 shipping included. Sounds like a good deal, but I am reluctant about refurbished. Should I be even if they are offering full manufacture warrenty??? Any help would be much appreciated

Anyone??? Would like a little help on this....

Energy speakers makes some good quality surround speaker packages that are excellent at the price. A good site to purchase these is hookedontronics.com

They have the Energy Take 5.2 at $418 in black, white, canadian maple, or silver maple.

They have the Energy Take 5 + 1 in black or white with a better subwoofer at $499.

And if you really feel like stretching your budget they have The Energy Encore at $875. Has a bit more punch in the satellites as they are larger.

All these speakers are about as good as you can get at the price. Obviously these are not $5,000 systems.

I heard the HK325 paired with the AR HC6 set. I was quite impressed with the sound. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to check them out.

Eric Brown
thanks Gman and Anon. i have looked at the energy before and have heard they make a good product. how about the refurbished h/k? should i have any worries about it? with energy at $445 and h/k 325 at $410, that sounds like a good deal for a pretty solid system.

I bought a refurbished H/K 325 and have had no problems so far. I wouldn't worry on that aspect. I bought Fluance AV-HTB set to pair it with the receiver.


I purchased my Denon refurb'ed and I know several others who have purchased refurbs without any problems. It is well known that the returns rate for refurbs is something like 1/20th the returns rate for new. They do a very good job of finding and fixing any problems with the receivers--it is like getting another level of quality control checking. I recommend them.

As for speakers, I haven't heard the AR HC6 system with a H/K receiver, but it is a pretty good system for the money. Here is a link where they sell them at a very reasonable price:

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