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Alright, after buying a new house (and furniture, etc) I find my timeline for buying an AV receiver moved up.

Our old stereo system has died and my wife is pushing for a new one. I had planned on replacing it with an Outlaw 950 + amp (or something similar), but the current budget won't allow it.

So, instead of my wife buying some $300 *piece* from the store down the road, I've been *given* a budget of $500 to accomplish all I can.

I'd like something with pre-outs for 6 or 7 channels (I can buy an amp later), power to 5, and current surround processing. I'd also like 192khz DAC.

This leaves me looking at *online* sources for:
Pioneer 43TX
Marantz 5300/6300 (accessories4less)
NAD T740 (comes up short on my list above)
Pioneer VSX 41
Denon 2803/2802 (dakmart)

These are probably in order as there aren't any official refurb Marantz 7300s available and they'll likely be $600-$650.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Really, no one has an opinion on these receivers?

I highly recommend the Elite43, the Marantz5300/6300 and the NAD742. I would not recommend a Denon based on past ownership of the Denon3803. BAD! It would help if you would tell us what speakers you have or might be thinking of buying. I have owned the Elite43 and liked it and traded it for the Elite45 for it's better remote and phono input but they sound the same as far as I can tell and I love the 45.

I'm a bit of a blank slate as far as speakers go. I have in-ceiling surrounds already installed, so I may look to upgrade those.

I also have some decent bookshelves I'll use in the interim, but...

I think I'm leaning toward Swan 5.2s (or 6.1s if I can swing it) and a matching C3 center.
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