Speakers for Harman Cardon AVR525



I have HK 525 and looking to buy the whole 7.1 speaker setup for it. I'm looking to spend about $800 for the towers and $500 for all the satellites. What do you guys recommend I should get?

I personally like clear sound. The more detail I can hear the better. But I also can (still) hear very high frequencies. So the ability to go to 20-25K is a must for me. This especially comes into play when a record has a lot of reverb you can definitely tell the diff.

Thanks a lot.

Monitor Audio Silver series would be perfect match for your receiver and budget. The Silver6 for mains, the silver center and the silver1 for surrounds and then get a good $400-500 sub. You would then have a great system for the money. Good luck.

I'm not sure I can buy those here in US though. I would like to listen to them. And I've searched main retailers web sites here and was not able to find it here.

I don't understand your response. There are Monitor dealers all over the US and also on-line. Go to Monitors website for dealer info.

You can get a pair of fairly good towers for $800. But then you need 2 pairs of other speakers for a 7.1 surround system, plus a center channel speaker, plus a good self-powered subwoofer.

It is very difficult to buy 2 pair of QUALITY bookshelf surrounds, a center channel speaker, and a good subwoofer for $500. Not only very difficult--it is impossible.

You need to spend at least $300 to get a good subwoofer. Good center channels are very important because most of the dialogue and quite a bit of the rest of the front sound comes from them.

Try going to the Axiom, the Ascend, and the Aperion websites. They are all internet sites and they manufacture their own speakers and all have 30-day guarantees, but Axiom is the only one with tower speakers, besides the requisite bookshelf ones.

Unless your room is very large, you probably don't need to have towers. I have had both towers and bookshelf speakers in a very large 25 foot x 30 foot x 14 foot ceiling room. While the towers are generally better when you only have a stereo set-up--- 2 or 3 pair of quality bookshelf speakers in a surround system can sound both very loud and amazing. I never missed my towers at all. It all depends on what quality and efficiency of the bookshelfs you buy, the size of your room (and how lively your room is), and the receiver or amplification you have.

The following are questions you should answer if you want to get good advice.

How big is your room? Do you have room behind your sitting area where you sit normally and do you have room behind there for the extra surrounds in a 7.1 system? You can also buy 5.1 now and buy a pair later for 7.1. All DVD's are made for 5.1. ---7.1 is just useful if you have a very large room and you could use the matrixed surround in the other two surround speakers to make the sound more seemless--afterall--there is no discrete 7.1 surround now. What you hear in the back two speakers in 7.1 is a matrixed mix from other channels.


What do you think about JBL? I've heard that not a lot of people like them. But when I went to Best Buy today. I liked then even more then I liked Klipsch. They had more highs then Klipsch. The only problem with them was that the Sub was too boomy for me I like tight bass. After today I think that Klipsch are overrated. They didn't sound all that great but it could have been the reciver too. I'm not sure now. I'm confused.

To answer your questions.
I have a room that is about 20x20ft 8ft high. But it's opened on the left side. Acctually look here
Family room is where I'm installing the speakers. And the TV is on the wall that is connected to the garage.
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