Follow up on your advice (Hawk, John A., And everyone else)


New Guy in the Stereo Store
Thanks to the information that you all have been sharing I purchases an NAD player a few weeks ago, then purchased a set of PSB speakers. I finally set it all up this weekend.

I am personally new at all of this, but my brother and father have been into it for a while -so while this is my first HT system I do know a little about what good systems sound like.
Anyway I live in the middle of nowhere in the Southern United States so I couldn't go and test hear anything. So, on all of you advice I got the T762, L/R PSB Stratus Silver i's, the c6i, and rear stratus mini monitors.

It is awesome. I am not knowledgable enough to talk in any kind of technical terms, but I know what my ears like.

Thank you all for your invaluable information. This forum is great for new guys like myself.

Jon Moon
I am another who has found the advice here invaluable. I bought a T652 yesterday. The receiver is everything as advertised. There are no bugs or problems that have been discussed. This replaces my Marantz sr5300 which is moving upstairs. The sound is much warmer, smoother and with much more clarity. The subwoofer becomes part of the system instead of a sore thumb.

Another thing that hasn't been discussed much is that the remote control on the NAD is super. Finally, one remote to rule them all! Easy to learn the other functions and program.

I haven't seen any of the reported glitches including the intitial drop off in CDs. In fact, the Marantz had that problem although I found it a minor annoyance. I do have the DVD/CD hooked up by digital optical too.

Thanks all.

New Guy
I haven't had any glitches with my NAD either (knock on wood) and you're right about the remote- it is really user friendly... better than the universal my father has and he spent SEVERAL hundred dollars on his Marantz remote.

Good to know that you have had a good experience as well.

John A.
Jon Moon, New Guy,

Thanks! A pleasure to read your posts.

...One remote to find them; one remote to bring them all, And in the darkness bind them. Love it, Jon!

I was thinking of getting the new NAD "learning" remote. Currently we have five totally different remotes and half of the battle is finding the damn things, let alone knowing which buttons to press. Thank you for the recommendation.
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