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Benjamin Garnoff
hi, i am looking to set up a stereo in my room, and i have no idea where to start. i have a small room, so i was thinking along the lines of a two speaker system with a sub-woofer. so, if anyone could tell me what all i need to purchase, that'd be great. i am on a sub $500 budget. thanks a lot.

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You can get this Denon - mission exec system for 60% off here. It is one of the best sounding all in one package at a great savings (refurb),ECOSTBIZ RATE

You have $250 left for a sub - you can get a good one for that. Axiom has a good one. &Category_Code=A4


You can get all separate one with bigger speakers, and no sub.

CD player - Denon 370 is a good one at a 75% off:

Panasonic Sa-xr25 is a good new digital receiver (surround sound ready)

And finally axiom speakers

For $500, you will have a better sounding system than the above Denon system. It will sound better than $1500 system bought at a typical electronic shops offering yamaha, sony, jvc, etc.


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I have shopped this category for my daughter and I have found a few gems worth considering. First, I am very high on the Onkyo CS-210 mini-system, which, unlike the Denon/Mission system mentioned above, has bi-polar transistor outputs rather than IC outputs. Bi-polars are much smoother and realistic sounding, not to mention more powerful, than ICs. Comes with a good CD player built in and a pair of speakers that are surprisingly good. I was quite astounded that it only cost $199 from One Call. See it here:

Now, add to this a PSB Subzero-i subwoofer for $219 from DMC Electronics and you will have a superb stereo system, perfect for a small room. Just click on this link and scroll down to the Subzero-i:

Good luck!

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If you decide to go with a Panasonic digital receiver, this upscale model will give you better sound for only $50 more :

Another good speaker : Mordaunt Short MS904

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Mordaunt Short Speaker sale : 6&FCat=3&FSCat=+++++++9

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If you read reviews on the web, and listen to many systems b4 buying, you can get surprisingly good sound for that money these days.

There are reviews on this sight, and here:

If you really want a small system, here is a good sounding computer speaker : tp:// _energy

You just need to add a cd player like the Denon370, or even a walkman, but the Denon will sound better.

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