Any opinions about NAD T472 vs Marantz SR4300 vs H/K125/130 (or 2550/3550)


Anyone did any testing of the above models - talking about sound quality.
Just like to know what others think.
I liked the NAD better than the Marantz (which is quite good already). Too bad I couldn't compare to the H/K because I liked it better than the Marantz too, I think its sound is somewhat warmer and richer, from bass to treble. The NAD is very clear and much more detailed than the Marantz and from lower-end H/Ks - but again - does anyone have any suggestions between the NAD and H/K?

Say What?!?
Well I havent heard the NAD, but it is spoken very highly of. One thing though...I think you are comparing to the wrong H/K. The H/K 230 can be had for 359 online, think i found it on this sites shop link. while the cheapest ive seen the NAD is 449( For that matter you can get a refurbished H/K 525 for 529. I've heard that the NAD sounds great, so I'm not saying the H/K's are any better just thought you might wanna look at the 230, or 525 refurb, considering the pricetag on the 742.

I see what you mean... The point is that I'm live in Israel and the prices are a little different here (mostly higher). Also the H/K here has different models.
So NAD T742 can be found here for $850 US (real high - isn't it?). The Marantz SR4300 would be $560 US. The Onkyo SR501E is just a little more than the Marantz. The H/K I was talking about, is either 2550 or 3550. The 2550 is 40 WPC 5.1 Receiver with the usual H/K stuff. The 3550 is 50 WPC 6.1 (or 7.1 - don't remember), and it's got OSD also. I believe the 2550 is something like the AVR130 and the 3550 is more like the AVR230 - although it's not the same product. The 2550 would cost here $710 US and the 3550 is some $250 US more (more expensive than the NAD).
As you can see - the prices here are terrible!!!! :( - it makes for bad shopping. But that's what we've got.
This onlu makes it more justified to find the best Sounding Receiver I can get for my money - as I would like to keep it as long as possible.
Again - the T742 sounds great, but so did the H/K when I tested it in another shop earlier this week. I can't really tell which is better.
Also - from the point of you of power, it's hard for me to tell which has more. I suspect the Marantz is not as strong as any of them. The Onkyo also wouldn't seem as strong as the H/K or NAD. Between those two - I wouldn't know what's more - 50 NAT Watts or between 40-55 H/K Watts.
This is all a difficult issue, but I'm not giving up yet in the race after the superior sound quality. Features are not so interesting for me. I don't think I would be much interested in more than 5.1, and Video Up-conversion also does not concern me now. (I hope I'm not too wrong about the future :) )

So - saying this I'd like to know what other people think about the pure sound quality of those units...

Say What?!?
Well I know H/K and NAD use teh same formula to rate power, but onkyo uses a cheating (the way I see it) method to rate their power.

I dont know much about the marantz, but from what I've read here I am pretty sure the NAD would be better than the 130, not too sure about the 230.

Hope that helps
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