Reciever with a powered amp?


if a review writes that so and so reciever 'X' -that 1-its base doesnt sound good or 2-it isnt loud enough, does this change if i have a self-powered sub(a sub with an amp inside)

will the signal still sound crappy, but the self powered sub will make it louder? or will it be louder and sound better?

finally, i have heard of a pre-out. will i need to connect a self powered sub to a pre-out since it wont need the recievers amplification?

John A.

Yes, the self-powered sub does exactly what you say. It takes the pre-amp output from just one channel, and gives it is own treatment.

Usually receivers are not the problem for bass, it is the main speakers.

Many subs have a different, extra way of connecting; you connect the sub to L and R "speakers out" (that is from the power amp stage of the receiver) and then connect the main speakers to the sub, to the connector marked "Speakers". There are pros and cons. The thing to do is try it and see which you prefer. Usually people prefer the first way, the way you describe, for movies.
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