Please someone familiar with NAD T752 help me...


I just ran into a very weird experience with T752. This is the first time I had this happened since I got the unit last week. By the way I am pretty happy with the way T752 performed so far. Just this morning, I plugged the powered subwoofer into the subw1 jack of T752 while the unit was in a standby mode usually indicated by its amber light and for about next thirty minutes or so I could not power up the T752 either though front panel butttons or the remote. I even unplugged the T752 for five minutes and plugged it back then try to fire it up again...but nothing happened and the unit stubbornly remained in the standby mode. I was very frustrated. I know I should have turned the unit off completely whenever I connect anything to the T752 but I forgot to do that this morning. That was my oversight. It seems to me there is some sort of circuit protector built into T752 and it was somehow tripped while I was connecting the subwoofer. By the way I heard this loud pop on the subwoofer while I was plugging it in. After struggling with it for ten minutes, I finally gave up and just left the unit for tweny minues or so in a standby mode. T752 somehow miraculously reset itself and I managed to power the unit up again after twenty minutes. Does anybody know what happend to my T752? If what I suspect is true about the possiblity of accidently setting off some sort of protective circuit such as an overload circuit on speaker outputs or preamp output such as subw1, does anybody know how to reset it? The manual that came with T752 is so piss poor, you cannot get anything out of it. That is the only complaint I have so far. I would appreciate if someone can help me on this. Thanks.

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