Is the new DPL IIx the same as dts neo


Lisa France
Since there are no true 7.1 source and nearly all 6.1 is a matrixed rear channel that is sometimes doubled to make 7.1 Is the new DPL IIx the same as dts neo.

No. Most of Dolbys systems are designed specificly to extract audio from Dolby Encoded material with no enhancement. Almost all other decoders are designed to extract audio from any source - Could you imagine DTS advertising thier decoders a better "Dolby" decoders than Dolby. DPL II and IIx can decode other sources but their specialty is getting very inteligable and tightly imaged audio from the vast library of Dolby material.

Then there's the extra channel...

Hope this helps.

Lisa France
but the 6th and 7th channel are matriexed just like dts, so whats the difference.
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