NAD T762 JUST ARRIVED!!! Setup Question


Hey all,
My new system just arrived and as expected it's everything I've read about! Thanks to all who monitor and post here for your help.
I have a couple of questions that will probably show my ignorance but here goes...first off is it usual to have a comfortable listening level in the negative db range (ex -25db)? Also when I hook up my PSB 6T's and Sub 6 and run my speakers on large it doesn't seem to have much bass on two channel stereo. I would think that the 6T's should hold their own. Is this because they're new and not broken in or maybe because my ear gets used to the Sub 6 in 5.1 channel and then it's not there? It seems a waste to run those big 6T's on small setting to get the good bass.
Any suggestions or comments?

Yes on the db range. I usually listen to mucic between -30db to about -10db. Setting mains to large in stereo mode disables the subwoofer. Your speakers are probably still breaking in so i wouldn't worry about it for a little while...but some like the sub in stereo mode for that exrta thump which case, turn the mains to small. I always feel a sub in stereo mode makes the bass feel sloppy and less responsive, but that's just my opinion.

If you want additional bass from 2-channel stereo, then run a speaker-level connection to your subwoofer. That is from the back of the NAD, have two wires coming out of the FR and FL ports. One of the wires will go to the PSB FR and the other will go to the FR of the subwoofer. This way, when your speakers get the bass, so will the sub. And if you keep the sub connection, the LFE from movies will go to the sub as well. There is a pretty good write-up about this on the Dolby Lab web site if you search around for it. By doing this, the bass can get a little "sloppy". To help this, turn down the sub "volume" when listening to stereo.

As far as the volume level is concerned, I think it is normal. I have a 762 also (fine unit by the way), and I have never had the volume turned past -15 or -10 db. As far as the bass response goes, I have a few suggestions. I think there might be a slight bit of break in required for these speakers. Just yesterday in fact, I ordered a pair of PSB Image 2B's and a 9c center channel to go with my 762, and did a considerable amount of research prior to my purchase. In the literally hundreds of reviews I read, many, many people reported that the speakers sounded much better after a few week break in period. Secondly, is there a reason you want to run your front speakers as "large"? I realize that the 6t's should be able to hold their own, but if it sounds better setting them on "small", then why not? Using the sub is always going to give you better bass response, no matter what speakers you are using, and no matter what type of source you are using. The stand alone subwoofer adds so much more bass than most tower speakers ever will. If you set them to small, play around with the crossover frequency of the sub. You can set it so that the front speakers are still eminating some of the low frequencies, but the really low stuff will come from the sub. To quote from the 762 owners manual (page 16), "in most subwoofer equipped systems, setting front speakers to small is usually the better option". When you set them to large, the only bass sounds that go to the sub are from speakers that you have labled "small". So, the only response you get from the sub is during multichannel playback. Check out the owners manual on page 16, section labled "Speaker settings". It explains it fairly well. Any other questions or clarification, just ask.
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