Newbie needs help picking medium end reciever


I will be running SVS 25-31PC+ sub and 4 m22ti's. Eventually i will get up to 5.1 sound, but not yet. I will be listening to music 80%, movies 20 %. The subwoofer is self powered.

I will be willing to spend up to 900 dollars if it really makes a difference, otherwise under 700 dollars sounds good.

I saw recomendations for the NAD and others, but i was looking for a step up from 450 dollars. Unless this is about as good its gonna get (diminished returns etc.)

any suggestions would give me a good start on getting research, right now i have no clue.

thanks a lot


I do like the NADs, and I don't think you can improve on the sound of the NAD 742 for $449 unless you spend a bunch more money. However, I would also recommend the Marantz 7300, which you should be able to buy for about $700. I won't say it is better than NAD, but it is a sweet sounding receiver that comes close. Same price as the NAD 752, which is a personal favorite. Take a pair of your axioms to some dealers and hook them up to NADs and the Marantz and see what you like best. If it sounds good making music, it will do just fine with HT later on.

I take that Hawkson is not son of Hawk---oh well :-)

Anyway, strange that this area of inquiry should arise. I sent an e-mail to Axiom the other day and this is what came back from the self-titled Axiom audio expert:

Hello Greg,

The H/K AVR525 will drive the M80tis with ease. In fact, H/K and Denon are the only receiver brands that I recommend for the 4-ohm M80s (other brands either shut down, overheat and shut down, or limit current output severely into 4-0hm loads).

I use the H/K AVR525 and it drives my M80s and M22ti's with no problem. Ignore the warning on the back (Use 8-ohm Speakers). The H/K amps are stable and robust into lower impedances.

Thanks for your interest in Axiom!


Alan Lofft
Axiom Resident Expert

the axiom guys really are good at responding to emails

i have emailed him like 5 times and he responds cordially and promptly each time. Finally got me to choose m22tis over m60tis(you would think it would be the other way around but its not:)

picking recievers is a lot harder then speakers-i havent found a sure thing at a great price(like my SVS and axiom's are), at this price range their are no absolute standouts:( oh well

keep em coming!!

I would agree with Hawk on the Marantz and would add the Elite vsx43, vsx45 if you can find them still available. I have the 45 and it's a great receiver. For tech info on the 45 the Rotel website has a comparrison test on the European version and it is an absolute killer power and frequency wise. Another would be the H/K 525 if you can find one.

my HK 525 is great. I dont know though if it goes with your speakers.

Hello, G-Man(Axiom Resident Expert), The Son of Hawk, and Hawk

I am also considering the very similar setup as yours. M80 5.1 system with NAD 752, but I am still torn between M 80 system and Maggies(All are attributed to Hawk :-) ). So I want to thorw a question to you guys who are really capable of answering to my questions. In order to serve to my classical listening, should I go with NAD 752+ Axiom M80 system or NAD 752 + Maggies 5.1(which will be on market soon)? I don't care about around $500 difference between the two systems. Look forward to hearing valuable opinions.
Tons of Thanks.

okie dokey, may i have some advice on either the H/K 525 or NAD 762 to go with either krix lyrix gold or subsonic x2 or B&W 603. Which would be the best matched system. I would be using it mainly for music but HT as well.
All help is appreciated

ooops!! i forgot about the dali 2.5 speakers as well

ahhhh just looked on the internet and found out that i might like the paradigm 60's as well. hmmmm tough choice, please help

I have the 60's paired with NAD 762 and it is awesome. Great highs and mids, clean responsive lows but not boomy. If you want deep, deep bass go elsewhere, but I think the combo is great.


The Axiom is a much more colored system better used for rock music rather than classical music. The Maggies are absolutely superb for Classical because they have no cabinet, hence no box coloration. I suggest the Maggies to anyone who wants speakers for classical music because of their unmatched clarity and soundstage.


I like every one of those speakers you listed and each would work well with the NAD. However, the H/K and Paradigm combo would be a bad one as they are both very laid back sounding. Combined, you may need some No Dooz.

If it were me, I would choose the NAD receiver with the Krix Lyrix speakers. I find the Krix to be the least "colored" and most neutral speaker of the lot. I could listen to the Krix all day and never get tired of listening, and I can say that about very few speakers! The NAD is also cleaner and clearer than the H/K receiver. I also agree that the Paradigm 60s with the NAD is an awesome combo. I like the Krix better, but the Paradigms with the NAD is a top notch system, as well.

Good luck!


Thank you so much! I have read many of your opinions on this website, and have got one more question. If you don't care about the price difference between NAD 752 and Outlaw 970+7100 for Maggies 5.1 system for classical music listening, then are going to choose NAD 752 or Outlaw? I know you normally suggest that I have to trust my ears but no NAD dealers are available near me and Outlaw is only available on line. SO, before I pull the trigger i have to trust someone anyway. And I think I trust you.


I think the Outlaw combo really compares more with the NAD 762 receiver rather than the 752 as they are closer in terms of price and the amp's power. The NAD sounds a bit warmer to me, but just as clear. Other than the NAD's warmer charecter, they both provide the same articulation and detail in the music. In many ways, I compare the sound from the Outlaw amp to be more like the sound of the Rotel equipment that I have heard rather than the NAD sound. Many people prefer the sound of the Rotels and many, including myself, prefer the NAD sound, but either is among the very best and any difference comes down to what do you prefer. As I understand that you are not in a position to listen for yourself, let me just say that either the NAD or the Outlaw will do a great job for your classical music listening.

It is easy for me to listen to five receivers or amps and eliminate 3 or 4 of them as not as clean, or not as articulate as my reference. Thus, few products meet my standards for reproducing sound. However, once a product meets the standard, I love to recommend them, even if they have very different sounds. That is the case here. I like both the NAD and the Outlaw very much and would be happy with either as both provide the musical information without obscuring it in any way. However, besides the cost, I also have to look at speakers and room size to help decide.

Assuming an average to moderately large room with the MMG 5.1 system (based upon our earlier exchanges), I think I would opt for an NAD 762. It gives you almost as much power as the Outlaw, but at a significant savings (~$899 vs. $1698--950/7100 combo with interconnects). I also think the warmer NAD sound is a better match for the Maggies, which are ruthlessly neutral (a good thing). If you didn't want to spend the extra money for the 762, the 752 would do just as well because it has the same pre/pro section--just a smaller amp. This recommendation is a very close call and based upon my preference for the NAD sound. As I said earlier, any of these products are well suited for listening to classical music and will put you into Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center, so you aren't going to make a mistake from among these products choices. However, to put it another way, I don't think you will hear any more musical information from the Outlaws, just a different emphasis, which some people prefer.

I hope this answers your question. Thanks for your trust. I value it.

Ta Pete and Hawk, you guys are awesome, how do you know so much about this stuff. Im having trouble listening to both krix and nad and nad and 60,s because no 1 shop here in Australia carries both brands. I may have to trust your judgement and just buy the damn thing before i lose all my hair!! Any other speaker recommendation to go with the nad around AU$3,000 Thanks once again,


Hard to believe that no shop carries both Krix and NAD as Krix is an Australian speaker! (I don't doubt you--it just doesn't seem right).

As for other alternatives, check out PSB speakers, especially the Stratus series, which are very close to the sound of Paradigms Studios.

John A.

"Hard to believe that no shop carries both Krix and NAD"

I agree. Why? They could be made for each other.

John A.:

I have a dealer here in my town that carries both Krix and NAD and they are truly an awesome combo!
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