Should I wait or should I buy now? (NAD related)


I am kinda new here, but it seems that many of the people here are pretty well informed about the NAD receivers. Right now, Saturday Audio has the T742 for $449.00. I know that this is a good price. I also know that the new models are coming out soon. Do you guys think I would be better off waiting to see what happens with the new ones? Or should I just pull the trigger and get the T742 now? There is not a question as to whether I will like the NAD. I know that I already do. I just do not want to end up kicking myself later. Opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks.

matthew dow
August - had the same dilemma on a 762. Talked to a couple dealers and found out there weren't any new 'gotta have' features. Just Dolby PLIIx - not a big deal to me. My assumption is that they're gonna sound the same, maybe they'll fix a few issues (CD skipping, satellite pops,etc.). That wasn't worth waiting 2 months and paying an extra $400 over what I paid.

my $.02

You said you like the NAD. Have you heard them audition? If yes, which one?

As for your question "should I wait?". Thats what I'm doing. I've got time cause I'm a diehard 2 channel listener and have been reluctant to jump at the NAD because of all the problems and quirky functions. I'll wait till the full line of new NAD's come out then I'll wait a month or two after that to get a wide demographic assesment.

I like the new features of the xx3's (flexible) and I'm hoping the NAD engineers work out all the kinks of the xx2's.

Yes, I have heard the Nad. A buddy of mine has a T752, which he thinks is great. He has had it about a month now with no problems. After listening to it, it was amazing all of the sounds that i missed with my current setup. The clarity of the sound was great.

From what I have read on these boards and on the NAD website, there is not a whole lot added to the new models that I am concerned about. I currently have a Sony HTIB receiver. I know, I know. But we all have to start somewhere, right? So, as you can see, almost any upgrade is going to be a drastic improvement.


Don't know what your budget is, but you will not see a price like that offered right now on the 742 probably ever. The 742 has none of the many "features" that you see on so many receivers in its price category so NAD had a hard time moving them. It is, however, prized by people like you who understand and appreciate how much better it can sound over the typical feature-laden, run of the mill, mass market receiver (oops, I think I just mixed my metaphors!). Seriously though, NAD has had a hard time moving them even though they sound great and haven't had any problems. Just not pretty enough, I guess. But Saturday Audio bought a lot of them at a special price, so they can move them out the door. So you can wait, but don't expect a price on the new model below $600 for awhile, and I doubt it will ever drop to $450.

^^^I do not want to spend a lot of money, main reason is that I do not have it. Who does right? I really like the sound of the T752 and i am assuming that the T742's sound is not to far off. I know that there is less power, but I am talking quality. I have not had a chance to audition the T742 because there are not any local dealers around where i live, but as i said above, a buddy of mine has the T752 and loves it. Thanks guys for your input. Now it is off to talk to the wifey. ; )


After foolishly purchasing a Denon 3803, I went looking for speakers to match. One store demo'ed some speakers with a Denon receiver for me and then, he asked if I wanted to also hear an NAD. I said. "Sure". It was a revelation--it shamed the Denon no end. Then, I found out it wasn't the high end NAD, but the bottom of the line 742.

Later, I participated in a blind test of four receivers, using the same speakers and source material. Again, the clear winner chosen by our little group (10 people) was the NAD 742 over an Onkyo 700, H/K 525, and Denon 2802, all supposedly more powerful than the 742, but you wouldn't know it from our test. We didn't even know which receiver was which before we chose our winner, either.

I would recommend the 742 without hesitation as one of the finest sounding receivers and it sounds just like the 752, so you needn't worry. If you can't afford the 752, feel confident that the 742 will get the job done well.

After much waiting and finger itching i did go ahead with the 742 some time ago and boy oh boy am i having fun!

Yesterday I was at an AV show in my city - was a bit edgy when I went in since there were all these shiny well groomed wood and silver finish systems... Specs flew at me - 110wpc - 6.1, 7.1 - EX, ES - Was wondering if I had jumped the gun without checking properly since prices were on par too

Listened to Onkyo, Denon, Yamaha and few more receivers and I can tell you I walked out real tall...

Except for a couple of really expensive tube stereo amp based demos - there was nothing there that sounded even close to the 742 based setup I have at home...

Features - I dont miss the OSD, but bass management would be nice...

Thanks Hawk - I did get the 742 from Saturday Audio though I live a long way off from there...


You have confirmed what I learned myself. The 742 outperforms other brands at even two or three times its price, like my Denon 3803. The 742 is an awesome receiver with first-rate sound. I am very happy that I could help you. I hope to have an NAD of my own very soon.

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