Outlaw 950/770 vs Marantz 9300 - need advice


Paul Berry
I am planning to upgrade my current home theater system with a new amp/pre-pro or a receiver. It will be replacing my Denon 3300 which will be demoted to the workout room in the basement. My budget for the amp/receiver is about $2,500 - $3,000.

The parts of my system that will remain in-place are Monitor Audio silver speakers all around and a Paradigm PW2200 sub. The room measures about 15X30. Now and in the future the system will be used about 75/25:music/movies. We listen mostly to classical and jazz in our house. I like the enveloping sound of 5-channel stereo on the Denon and hope to improve the effect with the better processing of today's equipment.

At this point I have narrowed my focus to the Marantz 9300 receiver and the Outlaw 950/770 pre-pro/amplifer. With my main priority being sound quality (especially detail and precsion) I expect that the Outlaw system may have an advantage. Will it, and by how much? Some comments in various reviews have indicated that the sound in higher frequencies is a little harsh and analytical. Is that comment only relative to more expensive separates or also receivers like the Marantz?

As for the Marantz, it has a better remote, THX Ultra certifications, a headphone jack, and a phono jack - all of which are minor advantages. Its 140 w/channel is probably sufficient for my use, although less robust than the 200/channel of the Outlaw system.

Given my priorities what do you recommend? I hope to make the purchase within the next two weeks. Comments and suggestions welcomed.

I understand that the Marantz is a lot more expensive that the Outlaw combination. My preference will stay with Marantz (the SR-9300 is future proof also). Also, think about using the new SR-7400(cheaper and also upgradable) as a pre and either look into monoblocks or other type of amps (maybe Bryston amps) for a pre-pro combination.

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Get the separate package. Once you get the outlaw 950/770 combo you will toss away any receiver. I can guarranty this 1000%. If you don't believe it, you can have a 30 day trial from Outlaw. They'll refund you in full if you don't like. I've tossed away my $3000 receiver, went to separate and NEVER look back. Everytime I think about expensive receiver I am so regretful for the waste of money into receiver.

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Go with the separates, receivers are convenient but the sound quality is so much better with separates and outlaw has pretty good reviews.

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Separates. The Outlaw units are terrific for the price. No receiver has amps this good.
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