Terrible speakers, lesson learned.


A few days ago I posted about buying a new receiver for some Valdus 500 speakers. Today I got them and hooked them up to my friends onkyo 8511 and they sound terrible. The really old Cerwin Vega AT-12s that I have sound much better.

Anyway I have moved past the loud loud music stage and have decided to invest in something nice.
I am going to sell all the crap I have now and get an Outlaw 1050, I had a chance to hear one hooked up to some Paradigm speakers and it sounded pretty nice, paired with some bookshelf speakers and a sub for music.

I have enough for the receiver right now and will then purchase the bookshelfs and the sub in 2 months when I get some more money; college isn't cheap.

Thanks so much, I have learned my lesson about buying speakers without listening to them first.

congratulations. Many people never learn--you sound more sophisticated than the average college student.
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